Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Has it really been 3 months???

Yes, apparently it has been 3 months since my last post. Oh well. Life has gotten in the way.
My Etsy is going good. Too good at times really and I struggle with whether I should close it up for awhile. It's more like work now then when I first started. I said to myself that if it ever wasn't fun I would stop. It's getting past the point of stressful for more then one reason. I'm still on the fence with this one so I'll stop with that for now.

The kids are growing way too fast. Gabriella is now toddling around the house and getting into EVERYTHING!
Evan and Izabella are getting perfect grades in school and I am really very thrilled with that. Izabella is to the point where school is like work and there are days she can take it or leave it (more leave it kind of days) but Evan loves it. It's like playtime for him. Kindergarten has a way of seeming like that though. LOL Reality will set in in a year or so. I hope he always enjoys school. :)

I have had so many requests lately for photography work but I have to keep turning people down because of the knitting work. Photography is my first love and it's not all too fun to photograph a hat or a cocoon or worse yet, a doll in a cocoon or wearing a hat. It's kind of like paint by numbers for me at this point. The photography of humans is not steady work though and with DH's schedule that kills any plans of me actually making plans. I can't very well go to a photo shoot and bring my 3 children with me and I never know if he's coming or going so....It makes it hard for anyone to actually have a life I guess. (OH! So bitter! Sorry)

Moving on....

Today was the day I was to put up my Christmas tree but LIFE has gotten in the way so hopefully it can get done by tomorrow. Hopefully. What is so hard about finding the time to put up a freakin tree??????
Ok, I thought blogging may improve my mood. Not working one bit. I better get off now before I continue on and just lose it. :)

Hmmm, it appears I need something stronger then blogging tonight.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why is it my concern what they do with the money?...And Don't HONK at me!!

"It is our routines and our comforts that allow us to ignore social issues. For some of us, it is our privilege to be ignorant. This video tells the story of social issues challenging our privileges and entering our routines making them impossible to ignore. Social injustice cannot be ignored when you are forced to deal with them. That is the idea behind this video.

What would happen if you were forced to deal with something that you may think has nothing to do with you? If suddenly the world's problems came into your
own home? You would have to realize that you are connected to everything and everyone one earth."

Ok, so I'm the type of person who will dig out my last dollar to give to a homeless person. I've done it since I was a kid and I will always do it. The Hubbs is opposite. He "feels bad" for some of them but will say it as he's passing them on the road.
There was one homeless man many years ago we helped out. For over a week we brought him food every day until one day he was just gone. He never spoke to us but he did tell me that his name was Dave Alice. That's all I ever got out of him besides a quiet "Thank you" after I brought his food.

Anyway, I'm leaving Wal-Mart a few days ago and there is a man there, holding a sign saying whatever. I really don't even read the signs anymore. I know they want money. So I pull over, holding up traffic, to give this man the only cash I had on me (I rarely ever carry cash). I honk at him and everyone else honks at ME. Like I care. If I were any other kind of person I would have rolled down my window and flipped them all off. They are in their air-conditioned vehicles honking at ME and all I'm trying to do is give a man a few dollars. A man, who by the way, was standing outside on one of the most humid days we've had so far. They could all just kiss my booty. I motion to him to open the door so I can give him the money (I couldn't reach it d/t my seat belt being on) and he opened it and I told him this was all I had and he said, "God Bless you" as they all usually do. But then he's gone. This man disappeared so quick I actually thought he jumped in a car behind me. Then I catch a glimpse of him running up to the gas station. Now, everyone always tells me that these guys just want money for drugs or cigs. I really don't care what they use the money for. I'm giving it to them. After it leaves my hands that's it. I would hope they use it for food but if they buy cigarettes or drugs what can I do? I will not judge what they may/may not use the money for. I will admit though that my curiosity got the best of me when I saw him heading towards the gas station with the $4 I gave him. I went on the main road and then turned back into Wal-Mart using the opposite entrance and found him at the gas station. This poor guy was chugging a water and had another in his other hand. I felt HORRIBLE for even checking to see what he did with the money but I feel so much better knowing that I think I'm right when I say it's not my business. This man did not steal my purse, he didn't hold a gun to my head and take the money. I GAVE it to him. If he wants to shoot up with it, buy booze or light it on fire, it's not my business.
I also think that people need to stop suggesting what these people may use the money for. If you are the type who does not like to hand out money then fine. Just don't judge them. You have no idea what happened in someone elses life to get them to the point where they are now. Was it drugs? <--that seems to be the major question and cause people use. My answer to that is, so what if it was? That is a choice they made and yes, it may have caused them to be living on the streets and begging for money. Does that mean you can't spare a few dollars to another human d/t his actions or what he became? If you don't want to give money then give food. They can't shoot that up (yet). If you prefer to just drive by then do it. Just don't honk your DAMN horn at me while I'm trying to help someone out. Drive the hell around me as you try not to make eye contact. Whatever. Just be gone and don't make so much noise as your passing....or trying to pass.

People were a lot quieter today while I stopped to give a different man money on the corner of Georgetown. Not only that, my kids were with me this time and they dug out their money as well. Evan gave his birthday money that he just got TODAY. So let it be known Honkers, there's another generation right behind you. :o)
(The Hubbs was also with us. I would not stop and do this with my kids by myself. I may be generous but I'm not an idiot.)

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I've been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror
And bending over backwards just to try to see it clearer
But my breath fogged up the glass
And so I drew a new face and I laughed

I guess what I be saying is there ain't no better reason
To rid yourself of vanities and just go with the seasons
It's what we aim to do, our name is our virtue

My View From The Ground...

We spent most of the morning in the house because it was just too hot outside. Yuck! I spent the morning trying to fill orders and the kids just watched movies and existed. After the running around and errands later in the day (waiting for The Hubbs to get home) I took everyone outside where I was just goofing off with the camera since I can't seem to find the time to do anything serious with it. So as I was laying on the blanket talking to them I decided to start taking some worthless photos. Worthless or not I kind of like how they turned out. I really like the two of just the grass. LOL Cuckoo!

This last one is a picture of my tomatoes before they become tomatoes. I have so many tomatoes now that it's crazy.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yesterday I was finally able to pick up the Canon and use it for something other then taking pictures of cocoons and hats! I found time between picking radishes and my cauliflower disappointment to take some shots of the kids. The first few I have edited are of Gabby because I've been wanting to get these for awhile but timing is always off for some reason. She's sleeping or DH isn't home or I'm just not in the mood or whatever. Yesterday she had on her little dress and the stars were all aligned (yes, I'm being dramatic). These are the photos that are done and I really like them so far. I have more to do but DH is leaving again tonight and there are other things that have to be done first. I may get to editing again later tonight after I knock the kids out....I mean they fall asleep. :o)

I LOVE this guy! :o)

This is the kid who's platoon was under attack (by the Taliban) while he was sleeping and instead of getting dressed he jumped up and decided to just attack back wearing his pink boxers! LOL There is NOTHING wrong with a guy wearing pink boxers. His just happened to say 'I Heart New York'. Kinda funny and very ironic.
He was able to make it home for the 4th of July and I'm sure everyone was talking about those pink boxers.

Excuse any typos in that last post. I'm not used to typing with my thumbs.

Oh! Had my first harvest from my garden today!

Radishes...not very big and some only roots.



Cucumbers...were delicious.

Cauliflower...I threw it out. It had a purple tint to it (that it didn't have a few days ago) and I found a little green worm/catapiller thing. ,ot having any critters in my yum-yum. (I really need adult convos right?)

Happy 4th

...Or 5th by the time I get this posted. I'm blogging from bed from the blackberry because we just got home and Gabriella is over all the Independence day hoopla. We did what we do every year which is go to families and then walk to the park for the annual fireworks show. As soon as we got there I had to leave because Gabbs was not having it. I didn't blame her because I'm over going up there evey year. I do it for the kids though.
So I walk her back to SIL's house where we sit on the porch swing and just wait for it all to end.
My problem tonight was that after we got to the park and got situated; a girl sits next to us and lights up a cigarette and puffs away and her nasty smoke is blowing in my face and my children's face. She didn't look old enough to smoke but nothing surprises me any more. How inconsiderate and rude can a person be? This world will never cease to amaze me.

I'm out. Going to bed before 3am tonight!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

...She Thinks That Happiness Is A Mat That Sits On Her Doorway....

I think I listened to this song every single day in my mid 20's up until early 30's. Before kids I would fall asleep to it. I'd have the cd player on repeat and this song would just play over and over.

Another song I love and I miss BNL. I think they do kids songs now. LOL

Here's a sweet picture I got of Gabriella this afternoon. DH was in it but I cloned him out. LOL

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Just Can't Believe the NERVE!!!

You know, I like to think of myself as a rather calm person. Yes, I post the random angry post once in awhile. That's what I love about blogging. I can slam on they keys..let the thought flow and then after it's down I can continue on with life and smiling and perkiness and all that crap. To anyone who reads this junk you will notice there are a few very angry posts below about someone copying my work. Not just my work but also my EXACT words. So...I blogged about it. I read a nice article sent to me about how copying is the truest form of flattery. I got over it...moved on...exhaled............................................................
UNTIL NOW!! You know what? My inner Puerto Rican is so wanting to bust out right now. I feel like David Banner trying to contain the Incredible Hulk. I'm trying to think happy thoughts but it isn't working. The kids are all asleep...Hubby is gone now to New York and all I want to do is stab this crazy lunatic nut-bag with a knitting needle right in her jugular. I know that *I* am the one who sounds like the nut-bag right now but I was just talking to someone in one of the forums and we were yacking about Google search and whether it is or is not helping our stores. There is this whole SEO thing going on that I don't fully understand. As I'm searching I find a cocoon of mine in someone elses store. NO...IT WASN'T MINE!
She's done it again.
Another cocoon JUST LIKE MINE.
I can't say "just like mine" because I do not hold the trademark or rights to anything. I can see copying my work, because in what I do there are only so many styles and blah blah blah but I read her discription and.....Dios Mio...brace yourself...she HAD MY EXACT WORDS!! She's done it yet AGAIN. Are there really people liket this out there?
Because of her I've started adding my watermark to my photos because the way she's going she's going to take my photos and use those as well. Do you see why I'm upset? I work very hard to come up with names for the cocoons and hats I make. I come up with cute little sayings to go along with them and sometimes even add a story about how I thought a particular piece up and then some APE comes in and just copies and pastes my words and attaches it to pieces that look VERY SIMILIAR to mine.
I have not contacted her yet. I was so very very close to doing that tonight before I decided that I should just blog it out and see if that helps. It doesn't so far. I don't know. I'm just in totally awe of this right now and the nerve and pure laziness of some people. It's almost like she's messing with me. I sell to a very small group of people. She has to know I'll see her stuff. The talentless little wench!
Ok enough name calling. I am not 25 anymore. It's just FRUSTERATING!!!!!

See, I just had a feeling I'd be in here tonight going off on something. I started with my CCW post and after about a paragraph on that I had to backspace and delete because I was getting all ticked.

Now I need to watch a violent movie to get out my frustrations. I've been trying to watch 'Flags of our Fathers' for the last 3 days and so far I still haven't. I'm ready to watch someone's face get blown off (Dang it! Should have bought 'Full Metal Jacket' for that). This movie will probably be all mushy and sad. I like mushy and sad but not right now. I want to see someone's head get blown up just once. :o)

So let's chalk this up to, yet another, ballistic post from me. I've had a few lately.

And to Ms. Xerox....Beso mi culo perra!

And to any newbies to my blog or passersby: I'm not really this angry. I've just been dealing with this "woman" and I can't yell at her about it because I have no legal right to do anything...I won't yell at my husband and my kids...never! So excuse my few crazy posts here lately. Just letting it out so people in real life don't hate me.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Do You Have Your CCW Because Wah...Wah..Wah...Obama's Gonna...Blah..Blah..Blah...SHUT UP!!

....was going to blog....decided the frustration that started was not worth it right now....title says it all....

Biting My Tongue...

...Or regretting the words that come out of my mouth.In my 35 yrs I've come to realize it's better to blog my frustration then voice it. All I have to say is pass the migraine pills and let me bite my damn tongue.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Proof That Fox News is Full Of Ca-Ca...

"up to 30 pounds of extra fat" is good for you...sure, stuff a burger in your face,it'll be alright.

Can I Taze A Dog?

I took the kids for a walk (which btw you canNOT really walk off the butt with kids in tow) and the neighbors doberman starts messing with me. That dog is on my list. They really need to tie his butt up because I'm tired of cutting my walk short d/t his temper. I've decided that next time his butt is getting tazed. That's it. I'm over him. He scares the kids. I will just quietly taze him and leave him laying there while me and the kids continue on our walk. I wonder if I can do that or not. Hmmm, I'll have to Google. LOL

I would never taze a dog! I am going to drop kick him though. :o) He's just a tiny dog so I think I can take him.
The last few days have been hectic but at the same time a bit calming (if that makes any sense). The Hubbs took a load somewhere here in Ohio, was only going to be gone a few hours and then called on the way home to say he was headed to Texas. This was Thursday night and I swear I was going to murder him but I let it go. He went down there with another guy so they could get there and back home faster. The hectic part, for me, is that I am mommy and daddy when he takes these trips but on the up side...the political talk ceases when he's not here and that makes the hectic part so worth it. Being on opposite ends of the political spectrum is stressful. Well, I guess it wouldn't be but The Hubbs turns everything into political talk. My problem is NOT that he talks politics, because I can talk politics till I'm blue in the face with the best of them, but that he tries to change my mind about the way I think. I'm all for listening to the opposite side, I'm YouTubeing the opposite side all the time, but my mind is not going to change. I can see the point others make but just because I see and understand them does not mean I'm swaying. He doesn't get that and he will yap until I fall asleep on him. (or blow a gasket which I've done on occassion)
So anyway, just a break from that alone is sooo nice! We agree on most everything and are in sync with other issues but bring politics, abortion, war, BUSH, or prisoner of war camps into it and it's on. LOL

So enough about that!
I don't claim to have an addictive personality. Drinking...no,
smoking...I did but quit cold turkey,
beanie babies....well, didn't we all? When I had kids all the tags (and tag protectors LOL) got ripped off so the kids could play with them. I remember when Izabella found them in their cases in the closet and wanted to play with them. I CRINGED and thought, :kid, do you even know how much money I have wrapped up in these things?:, either way, I let her pick one out. She picked the American Glory bear that I fought on Ebay for and paid $300 for!!! I steared her towards a cheaper one but she insisted and then I realized that they were stupid stuffed toys that will never be worth what I paid for them so I proceeded cutting tags off. She actually played with them. I only put them away in a closet. :o)

Anyway...here's my newest addiction:

In the pic you'll notice the battery is low. The only thing I don't like about this Blackberry is if your phone is too low it turns the antenna off and you can't use it. You can't even go in and turn the antenna back on because it will say battery is too low to use the antenna. Mine never gets low except last night I passed out watching 'Pursuit of Happiness' and never charged it. What if I NEEDED that last bit of juice to call someone? Not good. I have 3 house chargers and 2 car chargers so charging is not the issue but I find it a bit odd that this great thing does that. Hmmm. None of my other phones ever did that.
So there it is. It's with me constantly. I have the unlimited plan so calls,texting, and internet use is taken care of. The only thing that I get charged extra for is sending pictures. I love it!
I also have the Navigator on there that costs extra each month but I think I'm taking it off. I messed with it once and it's like a little Tom Tom and VERY accurate. My thing is that I don't travel so it really isn't needed for me.
There are also so many apps to choose from and a lot of them are FREE. All the ones I use are free anyway because I'm not about to pay for something like that. I love my Flashlight appt. It's the best!
I didn't want anything like this in the first place. I got rid of my last cell phone because I never used it and I hated the bill every month. I said that there was life before cell phones and I would be just fine without it. THEN...the funniest thing happened... I had to use a pay phone and I could NOT remember how to use it! LOL I put a quarter in and nothing happened. I saw no sign on how much the phone took. That's when a nice man told me that phones haven't taken a quarter for YEARS!! How pathetic am I? And pay phones are not easy to find. After that I thought a pay-as-you-go phone would be perfect for me. The Hubbs (who always has had a cell and would shrivel up and die without it) said he was not paying for something like that and that I should look into a Blackberry. One day I finally said fine and the salesman sold me on it and now.... that stupid thing...I'm now thinking of a name for her. I got the pink one but it really is not as pink as it looks in the photo.

My Ringtone and Ringback...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I go to my Etsy this morning and find a nuetrual feedback. Not negative but nuertral. I'm a bit irritated by that seeing as how she is complaining of the size. The size is the same size I sell to everyone else who can fit babies in just fine. Whatever. I can't see that she would complain if it DID fit the baby but that is not the problem. The problem is that she left the feedback without even contacting me first to try to fix the problem. THAT is what irritates me. Now..I have the choice to "kiss and make up" with her. That is where we come to an agreement and she then can leave a new feedback. I don't think I even want to do this. I think I'll take my NUETRAL feedback and just move on. I have a feeling that no matter what she's one of those people who just won't be happy. If SHE had more feedback I may do that whole "kiss and make up" thing but she only has a feedback of 2. Not worth it. Vent over.

LOL it seems I only blog when pissed lately. :o)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ok, so my last post was a little postal. I find this person who very blatantly copied my work. Used the same everything including the name of my item. She didn't even have the smarts to change the name. Even the description of her item was word for word what my description said. Even using the little smilies I used!! My knee-jerk reaction was to contact her and then skin her. I did neither. I did scream when first finding it though. That just came out of nowhere and I didn't even know it was coming. So...over the past few days I have calmed down. I've been told to embrace it because copying is a sign of admiration and I should feel flattered. Uh, no. I don't. Either way, I've decided that no matter what, my product is not only the original but it is also made better and WAY cheaper then her knock-off. Aren't knock-off's supposed to be cheaper?? Hmm. Karma will bite her ass so I'm stepping back.

There is nothing I can do about it anyway other then just complain. BUT... reading THIS helped bunches. Sent to me by a fellow Etsian who has also been copied from. A great read and also gives a different spin on having your work copied.

Don't get me wrong. I still want to cut her but I will just go ahead and feel sorry that she is so talentless that she resorts to taking someone elses hard work and even thoughts and claim that as her own.


so sad that my MOD hats are not moving faster then they are. Only 2 have sold and I only have $7 sent to them. I will NEVER reach my goal of $300! I must regroup and think of another item.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I CAN NOT STAND copy-cats!
Can these wenches not think of their own ideas? When I sit for 3 days and think of a name for a piece that I am making and then a week later see the name that I made up on someone else's stuff....OMG! Not only is the name being used but the woman can't even think of the description on her own. She actually uses almost the EXACT words I use to describe her stuff. Are you FREAKING kidding me???


Well, at least my stuff isn't crap and I can take a decent photo of it.

Ah! Seriously?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I'm innocently browsing Ebay in "dolls" and I come across this....

OMG! Check out the triple 6's on the forehead! I can't believe it. My one question is why? Why??

Ok, so if that wasn't bad enough I find this one...

That one isn't so bad. It's sick and twisted but I can see where some would buy it. I guess.

OH! And lets not forget this one....

Now this last one is kind of neat although I would not buy it and I surely could not sleep with this (or any of them) in my house. I wonder what can be going on in this woman's head? I probably don't want to know. That one with the triple 6's though...no way!

These all range from $50-$175 and you can get them here.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Gosh, I REALLY have to get rid of that horrible picture above here. I hate coming on here and seeing that. I may just go with a regular banner and no pic. That's just horrible. WTF was I thinking?


I haven't had time to breath let alone blog. I have been way too busy with the store to blog the way I want to. I'm not complaining. I just dream of all the friggin' BROWN BOWLS I have to do!! What the heck? I even raised the price to try and get people to slow down a bit but that didn't work. The most I can say is that at least I'm getting $5 more for having to look at that yarn still! What is it with that bowl? Lord! I have 5 brown bowls to make and 7 other peices that HAVE to be done by the end of next week. OMG! What have I gotten myself into?
As Obama would say...I got this!

I hope!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Okay, who's the biggest geek??
That would be a big ME!
I went yarn shopping today and found some great yarn! I love it. It's actually a homespun (which is what I prefer to work with) and if I were to go and buy it it would cost about $68-$86...I found it for $5!! I cannot believe it. I asked the lady the price and I was ready to hear that it would probably take most of the money I had with me but then she said $5 and I almost choked! I wasted no time at all having her ring it up (I thought she would change her mind). She only had the one that I bought and she will CALL ME IF SHE GETS MORE IN!!!! OMG! She obviously does not know what it sells for online or from a spinner. YIKES! The price is crazy. The best part is that I can sell the pieces I make with it for really cheap since the yarn was so cheap.

Spent the day in Zanesville. Went to Applebees and ate a cheesburger quasadia. Shouldn't have done that.Felt like crap afterwards. Went to JoAnn's. Thought my bill was going to be $46 but it came up to $25. COULD I FIND ANY OTHER DEALS??? Turned around. Picked up more. LOL Got a chuckle out of an Amish lady shopping in Victoria's Secret. Could only imagine what she was wearing under her dress! Bought Izabella the 2nd book in the 'Twilight' series. Found yet another sale on a hard cover Stephen King book for Evan. It's a pop-up book named 'The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon'. It's a great book! Evan has not put it down all evening.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sean Hannity is such an ass. Is this all they have to talk about over at Fox News? What a bunch of losers.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I usually pop in here for my mindless rambling. If I have a minute or so or the kids are asleep and there's nothing else to do online I will just post just to post. Right now it's in the middle of the day. One child sleeping, one playing and one in school...not my usual blogging time but I needed to come in here or be bitchy and I really don't like the bitchy part. I decided to blog instead of making a snide remark that I may later reqret. I probably wouldn't regret it but just in case...

To You,
WHY must you go on every social networking site and pretend to be something you are not?? Are you afraid people will not like the real you? Maybe it's YOU that does not like the real you? I don't know what it is but you hopping from site to site pretending to be Ms. Polly Perfect is starting to get on my ever-loving nerves. I say this as someone who knows you and used to like you. Girl, chill the f*ck out. Seriously. Nobody gives a mierda. Somehow something happened and you turned into the biggest puta in this great state. Lay off the self-proclaiming as well. Usually titles are given to you by people who think you deserve them. You can't just make up a title for yourself and claim you are "it".
No! callate la boca!!!
That is not how it works.
It's your life, do what you want but I'm not sure what is going to happen when people meet you in real life. Or do you not leave your house? We all know that you do. (if you know what I mean).
Anyway, I cannot say this to your face because you are not a bad person and I don't want to hurt your feelings but you are really getting on everyones nerves with your crap lately. You should really stop trying so hard to make yourself "appear" a certain way. Here's an idea. If you like the image you portray online then why don't you work on making yourself like that in real life. Then you wouldn't come across as a phony to those of us who really know you? I don't know. Just a thought.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh! I know I said I was not going to do this but hey! check the picture at the top of this blog. That's me. That means I can do what I want. LOL

My Etsy shop was featured in another blog. You can read about it here!

Ok, enough of the shameless plugging.
Why is it so cold? Brrrr!

Today was pretty much uneventful. Izabella had a 2-hour delay yet for some reason I managed to have her 5 minutes late for school. How does that happen? We left the house with plenty of time. Hmmm, I don't know.

So I come home, get online to check the shop and my email. I'm really a bit peeved at a certain someone. I have to get an "ok" from this guy to sell on his site. He emails me and says that my shop is under "observation" and he will get back to me. Ok.
It's been a few weeks. I think he wants me to keep taking photos and be able to sell at the same time. My issue with that is that I am only one person. I cannot keep taking photos on a regular basis and sell also. I have 3 kids and a semi-absent husband. I would love to continue posting photos on the site but they have to be put on the back burner for now. You can only do so many pro bona sessions. Oh well, there is nothing I can do about it. The photographers are finding me anyway so that's all I need. Word of mouth is working just fine for me.

Oh tomorrow!
I will blog about tomorrow tomorrow. If I survive tomorrow that is. I've been dreading tomorrow and I was hoping tomorrow would be canceled d/t rain but the rain is not going to stop tomorrow from happening. Tomorrow I will be popping Excedrin. I'm hoping tomorrow will not be as bad as I'm thinking tomorrow will be. I will give tomorrow a chance.
We'll see about tomorrow...tomorrow.
I've watched almost all of his fights but yet I miss this last one. ((cry!)) Hoping he'll be back...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Re: Church & Typos...

I just read my last post and not only do I sound like a totally rude person but I also can't spell. It was very late/early in the morning and I was tired and apparently grumpier then I thought I was. I also did not proof-read because I used "here" instead of "hear" more then once. And to top if off I just ended the post. LOL WTH was I thinking? Sorry. Obviously I was "not right" when posting that. :o)

Church and Typos. I was tired. EXCUSE me. LOL

What a day!
Skipped church.
Well, I usually skip church. I may go once a month or once every other month. The Hubbs takes the kids (I think he's trying to ease them to his side). I don't mind where they go. As long as it's a Christian church I'm good. At the same time it is not my religion. It is his. I am Catholic and the first time I walked into "his" church I was really in shock that there was no crucifix on the wall. There is a tiny picture of Jesus over the alter. That's it. I realize that you do not need all that to have a good church and this church really is SUPERB but it irritates the hell out of me (no pun intended) that the crucifix is not there. I need to see my Jesus hanging from the cross! Either way, I go to this church because it's close to the house, the people are so very nice, I like the Preacher (I think that's what they call him. Maybe Pastor? Are they the same thing? I'm not sure. In my church he is called 'Father'.
So I was in the church on Easter Sunday. The Preacher gave a great sermon like he always does but the irritation of no crucifix was still there. I told The Hubbs that we should probably buy the church one (it's a little country church). I said that I could find a really nice one and give it to them and stay anonymous. Then I started thinking that it may not only be an insult to them but maybe only Catholics recognize the crucifix on a daily basis? :Make a mental note to Google that.: If that's the case they can just continue using their picture I guess.
Another thing is that you don't NEED a crucifix to recognize God and Jesus. This is why I don't go to church every Sunday. I can do all my religious thinking right here at the house and God can hear me just fine. I had way too much religion (churches really) growing up and going to Catholic school. LOL I remember my first day in public school (Jr. High). What a wake up to society that was!
My kids on the other hand go to church almost every Sunday. They need religion. Believe me.


So we skipped church and went to the mall instead. Shhhhhh! We actually went to Applebees instead and then went to the mall. I love the mall on Sunday's. Nobody is there! Our mall sucks anyway but either way, it was nice an quiet. I hate (HATE) going to the mall and seeing people I know. A quick hello and how are you doing is great. Do I want to hear every detail of your life since we last saw each other? Hell no. If I were to ask just to be polite I can see where you may be confused but you will not hear me ask.
The Hubbs on the other hand...O...M...G!!!! The man knows everybody and will stop and talk to everybody. He's a damn social butterfly and it agitates me. I went to the jewelry store...."aren't you so & so's mom?" Hey!!! How is he doing?" As soon as he did that I left. I've learned to leave him...alot. I used to stand there and be polite and smile and nod my head but not anymore. After 17 yrs the shit gets old. I'm outta there. When he's done he'll find me. Before kids it wasn't so bad but when there are 3 kids standing around getting grumpy...nope. Sorry.

Walked away from the blog. Lost my train of thought. Done. I think sometimes I drag on too much anyway.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I found this guy a couple of months ago and I really enjoyed this video. I just remembered about it tonight after he posted a new one. Check it out. He is AWESOME!!!

CaptainlOver's YouTube Channel
With a little prodding from fellow Etsians I have decided to open up a blog for my Etsy shop. This blog is not supposed to be for Etsy and when I send Etsy buyers here it was to read about Etsy and the making of whatever I'm making and not really to read about my life. Some people wouldn't mind it but others just want to cut to the chase and get to the Etsy stuff. Plus I just don't want to clutter up this blog with all the other stuff so I opened another one here. I also moved my Twitter button over there since the Twittering nonsense is strictly for Etsy. Way to much crap going on.

Enough about that...
Gabby's favorite thing in the world (besides me of course) are coffee filters. She attacks them and will just chew on them forever. She's a paper lover but paper gets soggy and once she got a paper cut (I felt HORRIBLE)so that was the end of that but she still wanted her paper. One day, while she was watching me cook, I handed her a coffee filter just to keep her quiet and that's when I realized...PERFECT!...coffee filters will not give her paper cuts and they are meant to hold up when wet so she can suck on them till her hearts content (although I replace them every few minutes just in case).

The Hubbs is in New York again and he got Izabella all worked up last night by telling her that Evan was going to NY with him and sorry she had to miss the mall because she had to go to school. She then came up to me and asked me if it was true and I thought it would be fun to play along so I told her that it was true. BIG MISTAKE! The girl feaked out like I have never seen before. She said she refused to go to school today, she started crying and telling us how horrible we are. OMG! I had no time to react because she went through every emotion within seconds. She ran to her room. Started throwing things and I looked at him and said, "Should we tell her the truth?". We decided to let her have her fit a bit longer. Then we told her the truth that Evan was not going to NY (then Evan got mad even though he knew it was a joke...go figure!) but she didn't care. She was already in a mood. It took her awhile to calm down and get a grip and she loves us again. My God that girl has a temper! I have no clue where she gets that from.

Sometimes Izabella is a little diva. Okay, most of the time but sometimes she's just so innocent and sweet that it kills me. The other night I was sitting on the couch and she came over and sat with me and said, "Mom (she doesn't call me Mommy anymore **cry**) can I ask you a question? When I grow up how will I know how to put gas in my car and how to pay bills? What if I can't find a house to live in?"
OMG! How freakin' sweet! I told her not to worry about it because we will make sure she knows how to do all that stuff and she never has to worry about a place to live because she always has her room to come back to. I think from now on everytime I want to ring her neck for something I will think of that moment. :o)
We never have to worry about Evan either. That boy will never move out. I just have a feeling.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I swear I think I need an Etsy break! I've been on this site non-stop for over a week. When I'm not on the site I'm making something for the site. I really love it but it's just way too addicting. I want to buy everything but since I'm not the "buy everything" type (or buy anything type for that matter. LOL)I just browse from one shop to another as I knit and in between bottles, diapers, dog walking and feeding the kids.

So! My shop is currently being featured (along with some others) on DZFANTASY !!!
Ok, check it out below. I added some detail so you could find me. Is that subtle enough? One arrow just did't do it for me. :o)

My shop is really empty right now (which is a good thing!). I will be spending the next few nights and all weekend (after the kids are sleeping) knitting to replenish what is gone.
Oh! and I sold a banner today. It was a whopping $3.00! Seriously though, do you know how many of these I've done for free. Way too many to count. The banners I sell are paying my Etsy listing bill. :o)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ah! I have my morning cup of the strongest coffee I could make.They reall should sell a coffee maker with a jumbo size coffee grain holder, that way you add a double pot to one pot. I would only have to drink one actual cup but it would be as strong as 2 or 3 cups at once. :o) I'm so bloody clever. I'm the person who sprinkles coffee grains on my ice cream in the summer time because it's too hot for a cup of coffee. No...I'm not that nuts. I've only done it a few times and if you don't put the ice-cream in a blender to make it a coffee flavored ice-cream you just get yuck! And it's funny that I've went YEARS without drinking coffee on a regular basis and then since having Gabriella I'm back to my early 20's crazy coffee drinking self. I didn't even know where my coffee maker was for a long time and then one day I ran into it while cleaning out a cabinet and I thought to myself,
'Oh!You. I will wash you off and maybe buy come coffee.'
And now I'm back to being a coffee nut...or bean rather. For a real caffiene kick try the chocolate covered coffee beans. Sooo good but soooo bad for your butt. If you buy a bag you should really only have one a day, okay two but that's it!

Okay, enough about coffee.
Or O.K.?
What the heck is the difference? I'm going to have to Google that one. Is O.K. just for casual writing? If you want to sound better educated you type "okay"? No, I would think if you are highly educated you would think of something else to say altogether.

Yesterday we had a lot of rain but there was about an hour or two where the clouds went away and the sun was shining. That is when I decided to take my 6 little chickens out of their brooder and put them in a cage (on the ground) out in the yard. I wanted them to pick and scratch and enjoy the day rather then be in that lighted box with the wire floor. So I put all their little chicken butts into a bucket and start putting them one by one into the cage on the ground (I think it's a rabbit cage but I don't know. We have like 20 of them that dh uses to transport his quail). So they are all happy, stretching their wings (yet a bit freaked by the sunlight and open air) and they are chirping away, making all sorts of noise. I reach in the bucket to get the last chicken out and out of nowhere one of our cats come and in one movement he slides his paw into the cage, grabs a chicken, pulls him halfway through the cage and chomps down on the chickens leg! Thank God I was in arms length of that nasty feline because I went into "choke the cat" mode. I didn't really choke the cat but I did hold his neck down on the ground until he gave the chicken up. He lets go of the chicken and stupid me thought he would just walk away so I start trying to push the screaming chick back into the cage the way he came out (he was stuck in the bars good) and out of nowhere the cat comes back! He grabs the chicken again and that's when I decided that there was only one way to take care of this cat...catapult! I send him flying towards the pond and hoping he hits the water so he would be nice and wet and side-tracked with the fact that he was soaked. No, he hit the ground (not hurt for all you PETA'S out there) but he got the message and moved on.
Ok, this is getting long...
I moved all the chickens back in to the brooder, baby chicken nugget is fine. No blood and everything seems to be working alright. I'm not sure what's going to happen once the chickens are out on their own with the darn country cats we have. I may have to send dh and Evan out there with their (PETA'S cover your ears...I mean shut your eyes) with their BB guns.:o/ No! I wouldn't do that. Evan is not allowed to shoot at anything but his target. DH on the other hand.... :o)

That's it for now. My coffee cup is empty and I need to check my Etsy while baby is still sleeping.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

OMG, I just saw the nastiest video in the world. Bleh!
I don't want to talk about it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

There's something really wrong with this picture. Hmmm, I just can't put my finger on what it may be though.

I didn't get to bed again until the wee hours of the morning. I was up finishing my latest creation. It's newborn size. I would do this stuff in the daytime but
1)the kids are awake and I have to do the Mommy thing and
2)the kids are awake and it's hard to crotchet when the kids are running around and the baby needs to be taken care of.
Okay, I'm thinking now that #2 is the same as #1. Either way, you have to count and keep track of what your doing and where you are and I can't do that in the day time.

This beanie is called the 'Ella Beanie'. I named it after my niece. It was meant for her originally until I made it in cotton and realized that it will not stretch. I have to add more and increase it to her head size. I would use yarn for it, which would stretch much more, but my sister has a fear of yarn. It's all very weird. She can't chew it. Why she feels that she may accidently chew on it is beyond me but it's a fear she's had since I can remember and she will not put "yarn" on her kids. Apparently, they also, may chew it. So...while trying to respect her irrationally fear of yarn I did not realize that the cotton would not give much. So the Ella Beanie is going in my Etsy shop and I will have to try again.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I finally finished knitting the two baby bowls that were requested by a private sale. She wanted one in pink and the other in blue. Here is the blue one.

And then I had to try crotcheting this little bag. I made it for Izabella. It's so cute! It only took about 1.5 hours to make. I'm trying to figure out the measurements to make this in a larger backpack size. This one is only a change purse size. I made for her to use to carry her lunch money back and forth to school. She's already using it for jewerly and has put in a special order for her BFF.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ahhh, my evening is over. Thank goodness. A PTO meeting. Let's just say I tried everything to stay awake during that thing. Talk about torture. The room was so hot! You would think they could open a window or turn on the AC but noooo. Let the parents just sit in the room and suffer! On a side note, the school got new playground equipment. I never even noticed. I'll have to make a mental note to check it out.

For the school program tonight all the parents were asked to bring in a dozen cookies. I usually go to the bakery and get nice cookies but Mama wasn't feeling it tonight and with everything I had going on (and that headache!) they are lucky I got cookies at all. So I decide to make a quick stop at a little grocery store on the way. Well, apparently other moms had the same idea because we all walked in at the same time and headed for the bakery. I made it there in 2nd place (I was totally keeping score) and mom #1 looked at the selection then got greedy and walked around to the other side to see what else they had (nothing but pies there Sweety, LOL) so I do a quick scan of the selection and go right in for the cookies with the M&M's in it. They were the best there and I grabbed them just as mom #3 & 4 come around the turn. By then Mom #1 realized she goofed and she should have stayed where she was. I lifted my prize of M&M cookies (for all 3 moms to see) and say, "Hmmm, M&M chocolate chip...I'm sure the kids will like these."

(Bitchy mom smirk and turn).

LMAO!! Anyone who knows moms like mom #1, 3 and 4 know what I'm saying and would have done the same thing. I wasn't in the mood to play their "who's gonna get the best cookies" game. I just went in there and kicked soccer mom butt. Dad's wouldn't get this but moms....you totally do.
So we got to the program and it was great. All about being "GREEN" and saving the planet from ourselves. Evan cried everytime the kids would sing another song..."They are singing ANOTHER sonnnnnng???" I was thinking the same thing but I'm not about to say it. LOL

All in all it was great, glad it's over, can't wait for the next PTO meeting and/or program.
I need a moment to vent.

I am overly tired.
I have to get to the post office to ship out one order.
I am still knitting another order (a double order).
My hands are killing me. It even hurts to type.
I have a chicken tractor still to make and haven't even started on it.
Do I even have the nails that fit the nailing gun? I don't know.
I have a headache.
I still have a program to go to tonight and I don't wanna!
I have to set up and photograph an order that still isn't done by tonight.
My baby is behind me starting to cry because I turned my back on her for a second.
Evan needs a bath and Izabella still has to study her spelling words.
Did I mention I have a headache?
I still have to return Jennifer's call.
Why then am I on here venting??????
It's well after 2am and I need my beauty sleep (for reals!). I just wanted to come on here and say that today I made my first Etsy sell! This is the item I sold.

It's a baby bowl/egg that I knit. They are great for photography props. You stick a sleepy baby in that thing and they are out and then you can pose them how you want them and get some great shots. Mine are really cheap. Only $10.00. Check them out...to the right, to the right.---->
Not bad having my first sale after only being up for less then a week, having no feedback (because I'm new there) AND only having a few items to choose from so far. If I were smart I'd make them as they are ordered. I'm going to have to think about doing that but if I do that then people have to wait on them. The photographer who bought one this morning needs it for a photo shoot this weekend so I'm hoping it gets to her on time.
ALSO, I have 2 private requests for the same item but in different shades. I haven't counted that as a sell yet because I still have to finish them and I haven't gotten paid. :o)

Check out my Etsy...to the right...to the right.------->

And yes that's a doll! Really, you wouldn't believe that someone actually asked me that. Lord help us!
Finally got our chickens today. We only got 6. Five are pullets so...hopefully they stay pullets!!! Been there done that.

Ok...I got nothing else.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Melissa Huckabee

IF this woman is found guilty (which I'm sure she will be) she needs to be hung from a tree. I really hate the fact that we take a piece of shit like this and feed her and give her shelter until she dies. Even if she gets the death penalty...why should tax payers pay for the injection? She should hang by her arms from a tree (hanging by her neck may kill her and that would be too easy). We should then take a nice, hot, metal fire poker and shove it up her....I will use the phrase "sodomize her". I'd hate to run off any readers who may take my words too harsh. She sodomized this little 8yr old girl (the age of my daughter) with a "foreign object". I would make sure she knew exactly what I was shoving up her ass before I did! That is just putrid and it's really hard for me to imagine anyone doing this to a child. This was her daughters best friend. If she can do this to her daughters friend then what has she been doing to her daughter for the last 5 yrs? This woman needs to be tortured on every level and then burned very slowly. I would even put the damn fire out a couple times before she died just to give her more agony.
So after she sodomized her she rapes her, kills her and throws her body in a suitcase. This may or may not have happened in a churh...where the monster was a Sunday school teacher!! Pure Evil. She will surely burn in hell where she originated from.

Wow, I got a big graphic didn't I? Sorry. I can only think of my own daughters when I hear something like this. I don't know how the parents can hold their composure. I would probably be dead shortly after finding something like this out becuase I would go after the woman and the only way I would be stopped is if they killed me. I'd be damned if that woman would have made it to the courthouse without me getting to her.
Okay, maybe she's innocent and then I would have killed an innocent person. I doubt she is though.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Maybe they should just join the tea-baggers? Too funny.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a day.

Moving away from the last 24 hours....

Sunday is not only Easter but it is also Izabella's 8th birthday! Eight going on 25! So being the big meanie that I am I told her that we cannot have a party for her since it was not fair to her brother since it will also be Easter. Gabriella, at this point, could care less. I was waiting for Miss Izabella to fly off the handle but she really surprised me and asked if she could at least get a Barbie for her birthday. LOL "At least", like we would have gotten her NOTHING extra. Lord, that girl is dramatic even when she's not trying to be. So yes, she's getting the Barbie of her choice and I will also be taking her to the mall a few days afterwards so she can go to some boutique she likes. I was going to get her a mani-pedi but she will not keep her nails long enough to do anything with them. She is constantly cutting her nails! Way too short. I'm not spending money on nails that are not there. She's fine with it.

It's well after 1am and I'm not the least bit tired. Ugh! and tomorrow we have to color eggs! I REALLY hate this part of Easter.

Maybe I will wait up until 3am to see if Jennifer calls me. Who knows. Last I heard she was pumping and dumping. LOL

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just when I think life can't get any more annoying.

No, this is one of the guys I watch all the time on YouTube. I'm not sure why because he pisses me off more times then not. It's nice to see other sides of the crazy coin though.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ow, Ow, Ow!

My poor fingers. I have knitters fingers at the moment. Okay, so a few weeks ago I taught myself how to knit with needles. I watched a YouTube video and was knitting by the next day. I decided to make Izabella a scarf. That isn't hard at all! I've been working on it here and there. Stealing a minute or so. Waiting for Gabriella to fall asleep so that I can pick it up and do a few rows before she wakes up again. My fingers look alright. They are just as straight as they were before I started knitting but OMG! they feel like they are all crooked and twisted and I expect to see nothing but tissue and nerve-endings when I look down at them. LOL Yeah, I know the visual is gross but that's how they feel. Either way, I've been grinning and bearing the pain for the love of making a scarf for my daughter (even though The Hubbs keeps asking what in the hell she's going to do with a scarf in July, which is his estimated time for it to be done). I told him to just shut it or I'd make one for him also!
Then!....Then! I discover the knitting looms! WTF? This whole time I'v been crippling my fingers and the same night I bought the loom I made two freakin' hats!! And then Izabella started making one! And a scarf can be made in an hour or less!

Now I've discovered with the loom that the knit is not as tight as with the needles but that may also be because I'm using a thinner yarn. I've watched tut's and their hats/whatever are much thicker d/t the yarn they are using.

I'm still going to use the needles (since it's not cheating!) but I will be using the looms much more I'm sure. I will upload my hats tomorrow maybe. They are still on the camera and it's almost like work right now to get them off. I'm not sure if I've posted the scarf on here yet but I will gain just in case I didn't. The picture I'm going go show of the scarf is like day 3 of working on it. It's almost done now but I don't want to drag out the camera for that either. I'll just show the older pic of it for now.

Going to finish my Sierra Mist right now.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bella Photos

I posted photos to the Bella Photos Blog CLICK HERE
It's 7pm and I'm thinking about making a pot of coffee. If I do that I'll be up all night but tomorrow is Friday. I can stand to be a little tired. The Hubbs should be home to help pick up the slack of the kids. LOLOLOLOLOL whatever. Besides work he's been dealing with our PITA horses. We took them to my sisters field because we need the field that they are in to grow up a bit. We have another HUGE field but it isn't fenced in d/t the whole "huge" thing.

***and of course I'm blogging so the baby wants to be held***

Anyway, one of our horses keeps getting out. We got fed up after day two (and fixing the fence 3x) and they are both now in pony jail (stalled). Jasper never gets out but he cannot be without Merle (the PITA) so they are both stalled. We found out that the ground to her fence is bad and they aren't getting the zap they need to to not get out so that'll be fixed tomorrow. Most of the time I never even have the electric on my fence but they just know the boundries and stay put.

I haven't blogged in awhile because there's nothing to say. :o) Evan is learning the drums (she says with a zoned out spacey look). LOL It's a real drumset that belonged to The Hubbs back in the day. He was a drummer and a bass guitarist when I met him. Yep, I married the guitarist. Now Evan wants to be a "Rock Star"!! Lord help me. He watches 'School of Rock' all the time. ALL the time! I want to encourage my son to follow his passion (even if it is banging on drums nonstop) but Momma's gonna have a break down. It's just a matter of time. I think I'm starting to get a tick. You know, I hear the drums start and I start twitching. LOL I'm good for now. Not sure how long I'll last though.

Lately I've also been trying to redirect my daughter. She's got this thing ,I will call it a case of the Hoochie, she insists on altering her clothing to look "not like a 7 yr old should look". I gave her play make-up that she tries to sneak to school and on her face before leaving the house. I have to inspect her clothing and her face before she leaves the house. And I've learned in the past few weeks ( you may not have known this!) that I am the "MEANEST MOTHER IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!" and she says, "NONE OF MY FRIENDS HAVE MOMS AS MEAN AS YOU!!!". These are quotes and more times then not they are yelled at me as she runs to her room and cries because her life is so miserable. I then have to go into her room, sit on her bed and explain to my little princess that, "Yes Dear, I really am the meanest mother in the entire world. I'm really glad that you appreciate this about me. When I was a little girl (about your age) I dreamed of having a daughter (you) so that I could ruin her life and yes, even make her wear clothing. I will continue doing this until you move out of my house. And I love you."
LMAO! She really HATES when I use my calm mother voice with her when she's all emotional and her world is crumbling around her. I can't believe she's like this already at age 7 (8 next month). I thought living out in the country would surely slow this kind of stuff down. Not even a tad bit. She's not that bad I guess compare to some girls her age. She just goes through these little episodes and if she thinks I'm giving in she has another thing coming. I'm a SAHM. I have nothing else to do but laundry and figuring out how to "ruin her life". Gosh, I can't wait until she likes boys. I'm going to have so much fun not letting her have a life then. There are nothing but little boys on the road we live on...and they all have 4-wheelers. I can just see it now.

I let Gabriella listen to the iPod the other day (well, Evan did) and these were the photos of that. She did NOT like it at first but after a while it didn't seem to bother her.

FYI: She was listening to the Dresdan Doll ...'Coin Operated Boy'. LOL

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tpyed this without checking spelling or mistakes. If you find one just act like you didn't see it and continue reading until you find the next one. I'm too tired to proof-read and I'm not on FireFox for spelling corrections.

I saw the weridest thing today.

We drove to the elementary school to pick Izabella up and, while there, to get Evan's Kindergarten registration papers. **Oh! That poor boy has to get 5 shots before going into kindergarten!!** So we leave there and decide to take the long way home. Halfway home we decide to turn around and head to Byesville for Wally's Pizza...well!...on the way into Byesville we passed a house that had all sorts of stuff out in the yard. There were about 20-40 plastic bins, trash cans and stuff just layed out in this yard. Me, being the nib-shit that I am, had an external thought of, "What the hell is all that?".

So I say to the Hubbs, did you see that?
What's going on?
A yardsale? No. It's way too early for that.
Spring cleaning?
Is she getting rid of it?
Did her house flood?

I love old things and I love to find little "treasures". In my eyes they are "treasures" in the Hubbs' eyes...trash. Anyway, we leave it at that and my mind wonders on to the next thing. Then on the way back I see it again. I say, "What the heck is going on there? I want to go through all that stuff!!!". LOL The Hubbs informs me that it is all trash and I ask how he knows this and then he proceeds to tell me that him and his friend stopped at that house a few weeks ago to get permission to rabbit hunt on the property and he got a good look at the stuff and that it was just trash (it's hard to tell that from where I was). So I'm sitting there pretty bummed to find out it was literally trash and I say, "Surely there has to be some "something" in all that stuff." and he says, "Well go ask her. She's sitting in her car." I look over and see no car so I asked him what the heck he was talking about because there was no car there. He informs me that yes, there is a car but I just can't see it form the road. It's parked on the other side of her garage and she's sitting in it. So I ask him how he knows this and he said that she's ALWAYS in her car. Just sitting there. Of course I tell him that he's a nut job and he's full of it so he turns the truck around and drives me past her house and


There was a car sitting behind the garage and YES! there was a woman sitting in it.
Okay, not only was I totally freaked out about this and bewildered beyond belief but then I started thinking...why? He told me he does not know why. The day him and his friend stopped there he went to the door, got no answer and then his friend pointed to the car where she sat. She never even made an attempt to find out who and why someone was knocking at her door. He walked over and she rolled down the window. Questioned him as to why he wanted to hunt there, was very nice and gave them permission. They went back a few days later and there she sat early in the morning...in her car. When they left hours later she was still sitting there ....in her car. Now for some reason him and his friend saw nothing wrong with this picture. I, on the other hand, am totally unsettled by this. Apparently there is a man who stays in the house. The car does work as he has seen her driving around town. But the car is full of trash and there is only a tiny spot for her to sit. The woman (old woman at that) obviously has issues of some sort (ya think?) and I really feel bad for her and I don't know how I'm supposed to just act like she is not just sitting in her car every time I pass by her house. If she were a younger woman doing this I would just leave it alone but an elderly lady doing someting like this is just making me feel like it's just not right. I can see myself putting my nose where it doesn't belong with this situation. I mean, did she do this all winter? Is there no room in the house for her? Is the man in the house not letting her in? Is she scared of him? Does anyone check on her? I doubt it!

What really GETS ME is the fact that two healthy men would approach this woman, get permission to hunt on her property...go back days later and find her in the same situation...hunt and then leave like it's all normal. "Pay no attention to the woman in the car" type thing. If this woman is in her right mind and wants to sit in her car all day then by all means she should sit and be happy but if there is an underlying medical problem then something should be done. Obviously, she's a hoarder from the looks of her property and car.

I don't know. I'm just thinking in blog. It's not my job to intrude on someone else's life but then that's the problem with our world. No one likes to get involved.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Poor Izabella came home early from school today because she had a headache, fever and sore throat. She told me she didn't feel good before she left for school but I thought it was just the Monday Blues so I sent her on her way. She slept for an hour or so after she came home so I believe she didn't feel good at all. Although after the ibuprofrin and a good nap she was back to her old self again. I hope whatevetr she got today does not stay around. My kids are NEVER sick but this winter it's been non-stop. I'm tired of the medicine dropper, the tissues, the coughing and whining. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't expect the kids to do anything but be whiny and clingy when their sick but Momma needs a break. I can't wait for the warmer weather and sunshine!!!

I'm still waiting (not so patiently anymore I might add) for my camera to come. Waiting, waiting. I hate waiting! And I'm sure I'll have to charge the battery up forEVER before I can even use it. Until then I've been going to every website I can about it just so I can read about it. I'm pretty sure it's going to take me forever to figure out all the settings on it as well. That's alright.

Mr. Green! OMG, he's still alive! I'm so darn proud of myself. He had a yellow leaf the other day that I quickly removed. Yellow leaves apparently mean "over" watering. I don't see how I'm doing that but I must be. So I got rid of that leaf and someone has torn two of his leaves.

Someone = Not Me.
Not Me = my fourth child who gets blamed for everything.

Whenever I actually find 'Not Me' he is really going to get it. That kid has been doing all sorts of things around this house! LOL

I'll have to come back to this later. Bill O'Rielly is squaking behind me. Lord! Someone take that man off the air already. What a hateful, rude old fart he is!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gabriella now has a Bumbo! What a great (really, really GREAT) chair. Any parent with a baby needs one of these. They are supposed to be good for the baby's back. I worried at first that it may hurt her back but apparently it's the opposite. She's so happy when she's in it. She thinks she's a big girl. She is supported very well in there and I can sit her next the the computer, on the coffee table, dining room table, kitchen counter...anywhere there is a flat surface. The box says not to leave her on an elevated surface but I'm always right there. I wouldn't put her on the kitchen counter and walk out. It's nice and soft as well. LOVE IT!

Now, if they only had a Bumbo for grown-ups!

Evan is so funny. When we got it he asked, "How do you turn it on?". He had watched the 'Bumbo Baby' video.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Monday!

Whew! I haven't been here in a few days. I've been busy, busy, busy with my photography stuff. First of all here is my new baby! Isn't she pretty? I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on this camera. The shutter speed is....OMG!!! Really, I don't deserve this. Oh yes I do! DH will have to be home because I may neglect the kids for a few hours while I play. DH wants me to do a shoot with him and some of his friends that are coming up from Cinci to hunt. They want photos of their dogs (and them) in full on hunting mode. Okay, here's the problem with that. I like nature and all that stuff but I'm not too keen on actually tromping through the briers and mud. My butt could totally use the uphill action but I don't think me getting dirty and scratched up is necessary. Not to mention I'll be surrounded by beagles. Anyone who knows me knows how much I do not enjoy hanging with the beagles. Oh, that darn howling, whiney bark of theirs! And when you get 20 of them together...fuggetaboutit.
I don't know.
I'll see.
I'm going to try to talk them into staying up by the road where it's not so wildernessy. (<--- I totally just made that word up. ) I more enjoy doing cute little babies and kids anyway.

So I said I was busy, one of the things is getting my photography site up and going. I did one but I can't stand the look of it and may get rid of it and find another hosting site. It's just so yuck. I've also been working on pricing, seeing as how I want to be very cheap, that's a challenge. I'd like to make enough to pay some bills with it, but some (okay, most) photographers are priced to pay off their mortgage. It's crazy. I enjoy doing it but I am kind of tired of doing freebies. Well, my freebies have been mostly for family so....I wouldn't charge them anyway. I'm not looking for mega bucks but I do want the camera to pay for itself! Have I mentioned how much I love my Canon? I do. I really do.
Ok, getting weird now. Moving on.

My poor Izabella was sick Thurs. and Fri. of last week. It started with a headache, went into a stomach ache and ended with diarhea. Missing Thurs. was okay but I feel bad she missed Friday because that was her Valentines party at school.
Poor thing.
I made her Valentines for her this year and she helped me design them. She brought them in today but it would have been nice if she could have enjoyed the party with her friends.
Here is the Valentine I made for her.

She made it to school today. The weekend came along and she got better. Hmmm, funny how that works isn't it. LOL No, she was really sick with a fever. So she gets better and last night Evan started getting it. I knew he was getting sick because it was 7pm and he was sleeping on the couch! Evan NEVER takes a nap. Ever. Unless, of course, he's sick.
I knew what was coming so I woke him up and had him take his shower. I didn't want him not having a bath if he was about to get sick on me for 2 days.
He gets out of the shower and says that his belly hurt. I tell him to come over to me so I could feel his head. He comes over to me and there's no fever. He sits on the couch and says, "No really. My stomach hurts really bad." Then he looks at me and vomits all over the place! I was holding Gabby when this happened so I'm trying to hold her and hurry up and lean over to where he was sitting and make sure he doesn't get my couch. LOL I keep a blanket on the couch (where our butts go) in case of spills, dirty shoes....vomiting! Thank goodness that blanket was there because the couch came out of it perfect.
After he gets all cleaned up I had DH bring out his little toddler bed and place it next to the couch so I could watch him all night. I was scared he may choke if he would vomit in his sleep.
I had 3 pair of clothes, 2 wash clothes and a towel ready just incase we had a midnight episode. Thankfully we never had that midnight episode. It's now the next night and he never did vomit again. He did get a fever 2x since but childrens ibuprofen took care of that and by the time Izabella came home from school today he was back to his old, noisy, jumping around the house self. Just to be sure though he is sleeping in the living with me again. These fevers like to come in the middle of night for some reason. I'm sure he'll be fine. He didn't have it half as bad as Izabella did and I can only pray that Gabby doesn't get it!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Craig's List....Missed Connections...

OMG! I forgot all about this part of Craig's List. The 'Missed Connections' section. I used to love to read these things because, well, here's one I just came across:

"I made it clear when I left what needed to happen for me to return. None of that has transpired. In fact, you have gone on to alienate me further. You may not drink. You may not do drugs. But you have these compulsions that drive you to the edge that will be your ultimate downfall if you cannot manage to get control of them. I'm through begging and pleading and wheedling and needling. I'm going through the courts to get what I need from you. So I suggest instead of trying to get with the trash from the local eatery and living the high life at Harrah's that you begin saving your nickles and dimes. I hope you have a good supply of pickled bologna and crackers. I doubt if MB is going to keep your lights on either. All she wants is another half-breed baby so she can draw a bigger check. I'm not working that system. I know who my baby daddy is.
And I got him by the short hairs. Good luck."

Yikes! Someones headed for trouble. Here's another:

"Girl at the Waffle house ....
you were in a black hat and really cute..i think you were checking me out ...not sure though...you were beautiful "

"...I think you were checking me out.." Ha! I'm sure he wishes.

"not seeking want to say "i am sorry

5-or 6 yrs. ago you thought I was trying to get my son to wait in the car while I went shopping in Kroger.
Actually I was trying to get him into the car to wait in the car while I loaded my purchases in the car. A misunderstanding I was pissed at you for butting in to my business but knowing how my son was at a toddler age and the kind of fits he preformed,I can see a misunderstanding I know it's late and you might not read this but , Thanks you for being a child advocate I am sorry I went off on you! Thanks Again"

Aww, how sweet. This next one made me LOL and spit coffee.

"Pretend Relationship

I was looking on the best of craigslist, and this guy posted a listing looking for a pretend relationship, if anyone wants to give this a try, please email me.
I actually think I was in a pretend relationship with a real person, so this time I need you to pretend you like talking to me, pretend that I'm interesting and I'll pretend that your not angry & moody and mostly just a game player."

LOL, now that's the way to go about it. I just thought I'd share a few of these. If you're ever bored or want a good laugh or want to find people lonelier then you (:o) ) then you should check out 'Missed Connections".

Here's another shot from today that I was able to salvage and it came out much better then what I thought it would. I decided to try doing something with it before deleting it. I'm glad I took the time.

And my God! The wind is blowing like crazy here. It's so loud that Izabella can't sleep in the bed. The sound of the wind is scaring her. DH just got back from Chillicothe. I think the wind pushed most of the way back home. LOL

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I did a mini photo shoot with Gabriella this morning. I say "mini" because that is what it ended up being but that is not what I intended it to be. I had about 4 outfits picked out for her and a few different hats. I had the batteries fully charged and I was using natural light coming from a picture window in the bedroom that I really wanted to take advantage of because it never lasts very long. Well, Gabby had different plans. This is the first outfit and I only took about 6 shots and these are 3 of them. She totally thrue my plans out the window. Ah! I forgot that having a baby means you are on their schedule and more often then not if you have plans the baby will make sure they are changed. LOL

This first one is my favorite. I love the color I ended up getting.

This one is not my favorite. It blurred a lot. She was in the middle of going face down (she's too young to sit up yet) . I caught her before she made it all the way down. :o) The motion is more then likely what blurred this shot but since I only had 6 to work with I was bound and determined to make the best of it.

Also one of my favorites although her arm is cut off. This was the last shot I took. You can see in her eyes where she's saying, "ok woman. we're done!" Again, too much over exposure but I still love it.

I love the outfit she's wearing. It gives the photo a nice shot of color. I'd like to get a Valentines day photo of all the kids but I don' t see that happening in the near future.

Speaking of Valentines day. I'm still working on Izabella's Valentines for her class. They're going to be so sweet but dang it's taking forever to, not only make them, but then I have to print them all off one by one and personalize them before I do. It's a task I wish I never would have started. I'll share them when I get them done.

Last night DH and Izabella went to Wally World for supplies for her Valentine box (yet another task that I'm not up to) and when they got back Izabella handed me a box of chocolates shaped like a heart. OMG! HOW SWEEEEEET!!! On the box she had written a little poem and then signed everyone's name. DH came in right behind her with a bottle of wine. OMG! HOW REALLY SWEEEEET!!!! This does not happen very often so right away I ask what they did. They both say it's "just because". I open the box of chocolate because Evan is dying to see what's inside and when I do.....half the chocolate is gone! What?! Izabella told me that on the way home she just "had to have some of it". LOL Whatever. IT's the thought that counts and I don't need the darn chocolate anyway. She did me a favor. Then with the remaining chocolate Evan had to bite into almost all the peices to find one he liked and he still never ate an entire peice because the boy can't stand chocolate.
The bottle of wine is semi-sweet grape and has not yet been open but will not be that way for long.