Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ow, Ow, Ow!

My poor fingers. I have knitters fingers at the moment. Okay, so a few weeks ago I taught myself how to knit with needles. I watched a YouTube video and was knitting by the next day. I decided to make Izabella a scarf. That isn't hard at all! I've been working on it here and there. Stealing a minute or so. Waiting for Gabriella to fall asleep so that I can pick it up and do a few rows before she wakes up again. My fingers look alright. They are just as straight as they were before I started knitting but OMG! they feel like they are all crooked and twisted and I expect to see nothing but tissue and nerve-endings when I look down at them. LOL Yeah, I know the visual is gross but that's how they feel. Either way, I've been grinning and bearing the pain for the love of making a scarf for my daughter (even though The Hubbs keeps asking what in the hell she's going to do with a scarf in July, which is his estimated time for it to be done). I told him to just shut it or I'd make one for him also!
Then!....Then! I discover the knitting looms! WTF? This whole time I'v been crippling my fingers and the same night I bought the loom I made two freakin' hats!! And then Izabella started making one! And a scarf can be made in an hour or less!

Now I've discovered with the loom that the knit is not as tight as with the needles but that may also be because I'm using a thinner yarn. I've watched tut's and their hats/whatever are much thicker d/t the yarn they are using.

I'm still going to use the needles (since it's not cheating!) but I will be using the looms much more I'm sure. I will upload my hats tomorrow maybe. They are still on the camera and it's almost like work right now to get them off. I'm not sure if I've posted the scarf on here yet but I will gain just in case I didn't. The picture I'm going go show of the scarf is like day 3 of working on it. It's almost done now but I don't want to drag out the camera for that either. I'll just show the older pic of it for now.

Going to finish my Sierra Mist right now.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bella Photos

I posted photos to the Bella Photos Blog CLICK HERE
It's 7pm and I'm thinking about making a pot of coffee. If I do that I'll be up all night but tomorrow is Friday. I can stand to be a little tired. The Hubbs should be home to help pick up the slack of the kids. LOLOLOLOLOL whatever. Besides work he's been dealing with our PITA horses. We took them to my sisters field because we need the field that they are in to grow up a bit. We have another HUGE field but it isn't fenced in d/t the whole "huge" thing.

***and of course I'm blogging so the baby wants to be held***

Anyway, one of our horses keeps getting out. We got fed up after day two (and fixing the fence 3x) and they are both now in pony jail (stalled). Jasper never gets out but he cannot be without Merle (the PITA) so they are both stalled. We found out that the ground to her fence is bad and they aren't getting the zap they need to to not get out so that'll be fixed tomorrow. Most of the time I never even have the electric on my fence but they just know the boundries and stay put.

I haven't blogged in awhile because there's nothing to say. :o) Evan is learning the drums (she says with a zoned out spacey look). LOL It's a real drumset that belonged to The Hubbs back in the day. He was a drummer and a bass guitarist when I met him. Yep, I married the guitarist. Now Evan wants to be a "Rock Star"!! Lord help me. He watches 'School of Rock' all the time. ALL the time! I want to encourage my son to follow his passion (even if it is banging on drums nonstop) but Momma's gonna have a break down. It's just a matter of time. I think I'm starting to get a tick. You know, I hear the drums start and I start twitching. LOL I'm good for now. Not sure how long I'll last though.

Lately I've also been trying to redirect my daughter. She's got this thing ,I will call it a case of the Hoochie, she insists on altering her clothing to look "not like a 7 yr old should look". I gave her play make-up that she tries to sneak to school and on her face before leaving the house. I have to inspect her clothing and her face before she leaves the house. And I've learned in the past few weeks ( you may not have known this!) that I am the "MEANEST MOTHER IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!" and she says, "NONE OF MY FRIENDS HAVE MOMS AS MEAN AS YOU!!!". These are quotes and more times then not they are yelled at me as she runs to her room and cries because her life is so miserable. I then have to go into her room, sit on her bed and explain to my little princess that, "Yes Dear, I really am the meanest mother in the entire world. I'm really glad that you appreciate this about me. When I was a little girl (about your age) I dreamed of having a daughter (you) so that I could ruin her life and yes, even make her wear clothing. I will continue doing this until you move out of my house. And I love you."
LMAO! She really HATES when I use my calm mother voice with her when she's all emotional and her world is crumbling around her. I can't believe she's like this already at age 7 (8 next month). I thought living out in the country would surely slow this kind of stuff down. Not even a tad bit. She's not that bad I guess compare to some girls her age. She just goes through these little episodes and if she thinks I'm giving in she has another thing coming. I'm a SAHM. I have nothing else to do but laundry and figuring out how to "ruin her life". Gosh, I can't wait until she likes boys. I'm going to have so much fun not letting her have a life then. There are nothing but little boys on the road we live on...and they all have 4-wheelers. I can just see it now.

I let Gabriella listen to the iPod the other day (well, Evan did) and these were the photos of that. She did NOT like it at first but after a while it didn't seem to bother her.

FYI: She was listening to the Dresdan Doll ...'Coin Operated Boy'. LOL

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tpyed this without checking spelling or mistakes. If you find one just act like you didn't see it and continue reading until you find the next one. I'm too tired to proof-read and I'm not on FireFox for spelling corrections.

I saw the weridest thing today.

We drove to the elementary school to pick Izabella up and, while there, to get Evan's Kindergarten registration papers. **Oh! That poor boy has to get 5 shots before going into kindergarten!!** So we leave there and decide to take the long way home. Halfway home we decide to turn around and head to Byesville for Wally's Pizza...well!...on the way into Byesville we passed a house that had all sorts of stuff out in the yard. There were about 20-40 plastic bins, trash cans and stuff just layed out in this yard. Me, being the nib-shit that I am, had an external thought of, "What the hell is all that?".

So I say to the Hubbs, did you see that?
What's going on?
A yardsale? No. It's way too early for that.
Spring cleaning?
Is she getting rid of it?
Did her house flood?

I love old things and I love to find little "treasures". In my eyes they are "treasures" in the Hubbs' eyes...trash. Anyway, we leave it at that and my mind wonders on to the next thing. Then on the way back I see it again. I say, "What the heck is going on there? I want to go through all that stuff!!!". LOL The Hubbs informs me that it is all trash and I ask how he knows this and then he proceeds to tell me that him and his friend stopped at that house a few weeks ago to get permission to rabbit hunt on the property and he got a good look at the stuff and that it was just trash (it's hard to tell that from where I was). So I'm sitting there pretty bummed to find out it was literally trash and I say, "Surely there has to be some "something" in all that stuff." and he says, "Well go ask her. She's sitting in her car." I look over and see no car so I asked him what the heck he was talking about because there was no car there. He informs me that yes, there is a car but I just can't see it form the road. It's parked on the other side of her garage and she's sitting in it. So I ask him how he knows this and he said that she's ALWAYS in her car. Just sitting there. Of course I tell him that he's a nut job and he's full of it so he turns the truck around and drives me past her house and


There was a car sitting behind the garage and YES! there was a woman sitting in it.
Okay, not only was I totally freaked out about this and bewildered beyond belief but then I started thinking...why? He told me he does not know why. The day him and his friend stopped there he went to the door, got no answer and then his friend pointed to the car where she sat. She never even made an attempt to find out who and why someone was knocking at her door. He walked over and she rolled down the window. Questioned him as to why he wanted to hunt there, was very nice and gave them permission. They went back a few days later and there she sat early in the her car. When they left hours later she was still sitting there her car. Now for some reason him and his friend saw nothing wrong with this picture. I, on the other hand, am totally unsettled by this. Apparently there is a man who stays in the house. The car does work as he has seen her driving around town. But the car is full of trash and there is only a tiny spot for her to sit. The woman (old woman at that) obviously has issues of some sort (ya think?) and I really feel bad for her and I don't know how I'm supposed to just act like she is not just sitting in her car every time I pass by her house. If she were a younger woman doing this I would just leave it alone but an elderly lady doing someting like this is just making me feel like it's just not right. I can see myself putting my nose where it doesn't belong with this situation. I mean, did she do this all winter? Is there no room in the house for her? Is the man in the house not letting her in? Is she scared of him? Does anyone check on her? I doubt it!

What really GETS ME is the fact that two healthy men would approach this woman, get permission to hunt on her property...go back days later and find her in the same situation...hunt and then leave like it's all normal. "Pay no attention to the woman in the car" type thing. If this woman is in her right mind and wants to sit in her car all day then by all means she should sit and be happy but if there is an underlying medical problem then something should be done. Obviously, she's a hoarder from the looks of her property and car.

I don't know. I'm just thinking in blog. It's not my job to intrude on someone else's life but then that's the problem with our world. No one likes to get involved.