Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I CAN NOT STAND copy-cats!
Can these wenches not think of their own ideas? When I sit for 3 days and think of a name for a piece that I am making and then a week later see the name that I made up on someone else's stuff....OMG! Not only is the name being used but the woman can't even think of the description on her own. She actually uses almost the EXACT words I use to describe her stuff. Are you FREAKING kidding me???


Well, at least my stuff isn't crap and I can take a decent photo of it.

Ah! Seriously?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I'm innocently browsing Ebay in "dolls" and I come across this....

OMG! Check out the triple 6's on the forehead! I can't believe it. My one question is why? Why??

Ok, so if that wasn't bad enough I find this one...

That one isn't so bad. It's sick and twisted but I can see where some would buy it. I guess.

OH! And lets not forget this one....

Now this last one is kind of neat although I would not buy it and I surely could not sleep with this (or any of them) in my house. I wonder what can be going on in this woman's head? I probably don't want to know. That one with the triple 6's way!

These all range from $50-$175 and you can get them here.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Gosh, I REALLY have to get rid of that horrible picture above here. I hate coming on here and seeing that. I may just go with a regular banner and no pic. That's just horrible. WTF was I thinking?


I haven't had time to breath let alone blog. I have been way too busy with the store to blog the way I want to. I'm not complaining. I just dream of all the friggin' BROWN BOWLS I have to do!! What the heck? I even raised the price to try and get people to slow down a bit but that didn't work. The most I can say is that at least I'm getting $5 more for having to look at that yarn still! What is it with that bowl? Lord! I have 5 brown bowls to make and 7 other peices that HAVE to be done by the end of next week. OMG! What have I gotten myself into?
As Obama would say...I got this!

I hope!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Okay, who's the biggest geek??
That would be a big ME!
I went yarn shopping today and found some great yarn! I love it. It's actually a homespun (which is what I prefer to work with) and if I were to go and buy it it would cost about $68-$86...I found it for $5!! I cannot believe it. I asked the lady the price and I was ready to hear that it would probably take most of the money I had with me but then she said $5 and I almost choked! I wasted no time at all having her ring it up (I thought she would change her mind). She only had the one that I bought and she will CALL ME IF SHE GETS MORE IN!!!! OMG! She obviously does not know what it sells for online or from a spinner. YIKES! The price is crazy. The best part is that I can sell the pieces I make with it for really cheap since the yarn was so cheap.

Spent the day in Zanesville. Went to Applebees and ate a cheesburger quasadia. Shouldn't have done that.Felt like crap afterwards. Went to JoAnn's. Thought my bill was going to be $46 but it came up to $25. COULD I FIND ANY OTHER DEALS??? Turned around. Picked up more. LOL Got a chuckle out of an Amish lady shopping in Victoria's Secret. Could only imagine what she was wearing under her dress! Bought Izabella the 2nd book in the 'Twilight' series. Found yet another sale on a hard cover Stephen King book for Evan. It's a pop-up book named 'The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon'. It's a great book! Evan has not put it down all evening.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sean Hannity is such an ass. Is this all they have to talk about over at Fox News? What a bunch of losers.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I usually pop in here for my mindless rambling. If I have a minute or so or the kids are asleep and there's nothing else to do online I will just post just to post. Right now it's in the middle of the day. One child sleeping, one playing and one in school...not my usual blogging time but I needed to come in here or be bitchy and I really don't like the bitchy part. I decided to blog instead of making a snide remark that I may later reqret. I probably wouldn't regret it but just in case...

To You,
WHY must you go on every social networking site and pretend to be something you are not?? Are you afraid people will not like the real you? Maybe it's YOU that does not like the real you? I don't know what it is but you hopping from site to site pretending to be Ms. Polly Perfect is starting to get on my ever-loving nerves. I say this as someone who knows you and used to like you. Girl, chill the f*ck out. Seriously. Nobody gives a mierda. Somehow something happened and you turned into the biggest puta in this great state. Lay off the self-proclaiming as well. Usually titles are given to you by people who think you deserve them. You can't just make up a title for yourself and claim you are "it".
No! callate la boca!!!
That is not how it works.
It's your life, do what you want but I'm not sure what is going to happen when people meet you in real life. Or do you not leave your house? We all know that you do. (if you know what I mean).
Anyway, I cannot say this to your face because you are not a bad person and I don't want to hurt your feelings but you are really getting on everyones nerves with your crap lately. You should really stop trying so hard to make yourself "appear" a certain way. Here's an idea. If you like the image you portray online then why don't you work on making yourself like that in real life. Then you wouldn't come across as a phony to those of us who really know you? I don't know. Just a thought.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh! I know I said I was not going to do this but hey! check the picture at the top of this blog. That's me. That means I can do what I want. LOL

My Etsy shop was featured in another blog. You can read about it here!

Ok, enough of the shameless plugging.
Why is it so cold? Brrrr!

Today was pretty much uneventful. Izabella had a 2-hour delay yet for some reason I managed to have her 5 minutes late for school. How does that happen? We left the house with plenty of time. Hmmm, I don't know.

So I come home, get online to check the shop and my email. I'm really a bit peeved at a certain someone. I have to get an "ok" from this guy to sell on his site. He emails me and says that my shop is under "observation" and he will get back to me. Ok.
It's been a few weeks. I think he wants me to keep taking photos and be able to sell at the same time. My issue with that is that I am only one person. I cannot keep taking photos on a regular basis and sell also. I have 3 kids and a semi-absent husband. I would love to continue posting photos on the site but they have to be put on the back burner for now. You can only do so many pro bona sessions. Oh well, there is nothing I can do about it. The photographers are finding me anyway so that's all I need. Word of mouth is working just fine for me.

Oh tomorrow!
I will blog about tomorrow tomorrow. If I survive tomorrow that is. I've been dreading tomorrow and I was hoping tomorrow would be canceled d/t rain but the rain is not going to stop tomorrow from happening. Tomorrow I will be popping Excedrin. I'm hoping tomorrow will not be as bad as I'm thinking tomorrow will be. I will give tomorrow a chance.
We'll see about tomorrow...tomorrow.
I've watched almost all of his fights but yet I miss this last one. ((cry!)) Hoping he'll be back...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Re: Church & Typos...

I just read my last post and not only do I sound like a totally rude person but I also can't spell. It was very late/early in the morning and I was tired and apparently grumpier then I thought I was. I also did not proof-read because I used "here" instead of "hear" more then once. And to top if off I just ended the post. LOL WTH was I thinking? Sorry. Obviously I was "not right" when posting that. :o)

Church and Typos. I was tired. EXCUSE me. LOL

What a day!
Skipped church.
Well, I usually skip church. I may go once a month or once every other month. The Hubbs takes the kids (I think he's trying to ease them to his side). I don't mind where they go. As long as it's a Christian church I'm good. At the same time it is not my religion. It is his. I am Catholic and the first time I walked into "his" church I was really in shock that there was no crucifix on the wall. There is a tiny picture of Jesus over the alter. That's it. I realize that you do not need all that to have a good church and this church really is SUPERB but it irritates the hell out of me (no pun intended) that the crucifix is not there. I need to see my Jesus hanging from the cross! Either way, I go to this church because it's close to the house, the people are so very nice, I like the Preacher (I think that's what they call him. Maybe Pastor? Are they the same thing? I'm not sure. In my church he is called 'Father'.
So I was in the church on Easter Sunday. The Preacher gave a great sermon like he always does but the irritation of no crucifix was still there. I told The Hubbs that we should probably buy the church one (it's a little country church). I said that I could find a really nice one and give it to them and stay anonymous. Then I started thinking that it may not only be an insult to them but maybe only Catholics recognize the crucifix on a daily basis? :Make a mental note to Google that.: If that's the case they can just continue using their picture I guess.
Another thing is that you don't NEED a crucifix to recognize God and Jesus. This is why I don't go to church every Sunday. I can do all my religious thinking right here at the house and God can hear me just fine. I had way too much religion (churches really) growing up and going to Catholic school. LOL I remember my first day in public school (Jr. High). What a wake up to society that was!
My kids on the other hand go to church almost every Sunday. They need religion. Believe me.


So we skipped church and went to the mall instead. Shhhhhh! We actually went to Applebees instead and then went to the mall. I love the mall on Sunday's. Nobody is there! Our mall sucks anyway but either way, it was nice an quiet. I hate (HATE) going to the mall and seeing people I know. A quick hello and how are you doing is great. Do I want to hear every detail of your life since we last saw each other? Hell no. If I were to ask just to be polite I can see where you may be confused but you will not hear me ask.
The Hubbs on the other hand...O...M...G!!!! The man knows everybody and will stop and talk to everybody. He's a damn social butterfly and it agitates me. I went to the jewelry store...."aren't you so & so's mom?" Hey!!! How is he doing?" As soon as he did that I left. I've learned to leave him...alot. I used to stand there and be polite and smile and nod my head but not anymore. After 17 yrs the shit gets old. I'm outta there. When he's done he'll find me. Before kids it wasn't so bad but when there are 3 kids standing around getting grumpy...nope. Sorry.

Walked away from the blog. Lost my train of thought. Done. I think sometimes I drag on too much anyway.