Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Just Can't Believe the NERVE!!!

You know, I like to think of myself as a rather calm person. Yes, I post the random angry post once in awhile. That's what I love about blogging. I can slam on they keys..let the thought flow and then after it's down I can continue on with life and smiling and perkiness and all that crap. To anyone who reads this junk you will notice there are a few very angry posts below about someone copying my work. Not just my work but also my EXACT words. So...I blogged about it. I read a nice article sent to me about how copying is the truest form of flattery. I got over it...moved on...exhaled............................................................
UNTIL NOW!! You know what? My inner Puerto Rican is so wanting to bust out right now. I feel like David Banner trying to contain the Incredible Hulk. I'm trying to think happy thoughts but it isn't working. The kids are all asleep...Hubby is gone now to New York and all I want to do is stab this crazy lunatic nut-bag with a knitting needle right in her jugular. I know that *I* am the one who sounds like the nut-bag right now but I was just talking to someone in one of the forums and we were yacking about Google search and whether it is or is not helping our stores. There is this whole SEO thing going on that I don't fully understand. As I'm searching I find a cocoon of mine in someone elses store. NO...IT WASN'T MINE!
She's done it again.
Another cocoon JUST LIKE MINE.
I can't say "just like mine" because I do not hold the trademark or rights to anything. I can see copying my work, because in what I do there are only so many styles and blah blah blah but I read her discription and.....Dios Mio...brace yourself...she HAD MY EXACT WORDS!! She's done it yet AGAIN. Are there really people liket this out there?
Because of her I've started adding my watermark to my photos because the way she's going she's going to take my photos and use those as well. Do you see why I'm upset? I work very hard to come up with names for the cocoons and hats I make. I come up with cute little sayings to go along with them and sometimes even add a story about how I thought a particular piece up and then some APE comes in and just copies and pastes my words and attaches it to pieces that look VERY SIMILIAR to mine.
I have not contacted her yet. I was so very very close to doing that tonight before I decided that I should just blog it out and see if that helps. It doesn't so far. I don't know. I'm just in totally awe of this right now and the nerve and pure laziness of some people. It's almost like she's messing with me. I sell to a very small group of people. She has to know I'll see her stuff. The talentless little wench!
Ok enough name calling. I am not 25 anymore. It's just FRUSTERATING!!!!!

See, I just had a feeling I'd be in here tonight going off on something. I started with my CCW post and after about a paragraph on that I had to backspace and delete because I was getting all ticked.

Now I need to watch a violent movie to get out my frustrations. I've been trying to watch 'Flags of our Fathers' for the last 3 days and so far I still haven't. I'm ready to watch someone's face get blown off (Dang it! Should have bought 'Full Metal Jacket' for that). This movie will probably be all mushy and sad. I like mushy and sad but not right now. I want to see someone's head get blown up just once. :o)

So let's chalk this up to, yet another, ballistic post from me. I've had a few lately.

And to Ms. Xerox....Beso mi culo perra!

And to any newbies to my blog or passersby: I'm not really this angry. I've just been dealing with this "woman" and I can't yell at her about it because I have no legal right to do anything...I won't yell at my husband and my kids...never! So excuse my few crazy posts here lately. Just letting it out so people in real life don't hate me.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Do You Have Your CCW Because Wah...Wah..Wah...Obama's Gonna...Blah..Blah..Blah...SHUT UP!!

....was going to blog....decided the frustration that started was not worth it right now....title says it all....

Biting My Tongue...

...Or regretting the words that come out of my mouth.In my 35 yrs I've come to realize it's better to blog my frustration then voice it. All I have to say is pass the migraine pills and let me bite my damn tongue.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Proof That Fox News is Full Of Ca-Ca...

"up to 30 pounds of extra fat" is good for you...sure, stuff a burger in your face,it'll be alright.

Can I Taze A Dog?

I took the kids for a walk (which btw you canNOT really walk off the butt with kids in tow) and the neighbors doberman starts messing with me. That dog is on my list. They really need to tie his butt up because I'm tired of cutting my walk short d/t his temper. I've decided that next time his butt is getting tazed. That's it. I'm over him. He scares the kids. I will just quietly taze him and leave him laying there while me and the kids continue on our walk. I wonder if I can do that or not. Hmmm, I'll have to Google. LOL

I would never taze a dog! I am going to drop kick him though. :o) He's just a tiny dog so I think I can take him.
The last few days have been hectic but at the same time a bit calming (if that makes any sense). The Hubbs took a load somewhere here in Ohio, was only going to be gone a few hours and then called on the way home to say he was headed to Texas. This was Thursday night and I swear I was going to murder him but I let it go. He went down there with another guy so they could get there and back home faster. The hectic part, for me, is that I am mommy and daddy when he takes these trips but on the up side...the political talk ceases when he's not here and that makes the hectic part so worth it. Being on opposite ends of the political spectrum is stressful. Well, I guess it wouldn't be but The Hubbs turns everything into political talk. My problem is NOT that he talks politics, because I can talk politics till I'm blue in the face with the best of them, but that he tries to change my mind about the way I think. I'm all for listening to the opposite side, I'm YouTubeing the opposite side all the time, but my mind is not going to change. I can see the point others make but just because I see and understand them does not mean I'm swaying. He doesn't get that and he will yap until I fall asleep on him. (or blow a gasket which I've done on occassion)
So anyway, just a break from that alone is sooo nice! We agree on most everything and are in sync with other issues but bring politics, abortion, war, BUSH, or prisoner of war camps into it and it's on. LOL

So enough about that!
I don't claim to have an addictive personality. Drinking...no,
smoking...I did but quit cold turkey,
beanie babies....well, didn't we all? When I had kids all the tags (and tag protectors LOL) got ripped off so the kids could play with them. I remember when Izabella found them in their cases in the closet and wanted to play with them. I CRINGED and thought, :kid, do you even know how much money I have wrapped up in these things?:, either way, I let her pick one out. She picked the American Glory bear that I fought on Ebay for and paid $300 for!!! I steared her towards a cheaper one but she insisted and then I realized that they were stupid stuffed toys that will never be worth what I paid for them so I proceeded cutting tags off. She actually played with them. I only put them away in a closet. :o)

Anyway...here's my newest addiction:

In the pic you'll notice the battery is low. The only thing I don't like about this Blackberry is if your phone is too low it turns the antenna off and you can't use it. You can't even go in and turn the antenna back on because it will say battery is too low to use the antenna. Mine never gets low except last night I passed out watching 'Pursuit of Happiness' and never charged it. What if I NEEDED that last bit of juice to call someone? Not good. I have 3 house chargers and 2 car chargers so charging is not the issue but I find it a bit odd that this great thing does that. Hmmm. None of my other phones ever did that.
So there it is. It's with me constantly. I have the unlimited plan so calls,texting, and internet use is taken care of. The only thing that I get charged extra for is sending pictures. I love it!
I also have the Navigator on there that costs extra each month but I think I'm taking it off. I messed with it once and it's like a little Tom Tom and VERY accurate. My thing is that I don't travel so it really isn't needed for me.
There are also so many apps to choose from and a lot of them are FREE. All the ones I use are free anyway because I'm not about to pay for something like that. I love my Flashlight appt. It's the best!
I didn't want anything like this in the first place. I got rid of my last cell phone because I never used it and I hated the bill every month. I said that there was life before cell phones and I would be just fine without it. THEN...the funniest thing happened... I had to use a pay phone and I could NOT remember how to use it! LOL I put a quarter in and nothing happened. I saw no sign on how much the phone took. That's when a nice man told me that phones haven't taken a quarter for YEARS!! How pathetic am I? And pay phones are not easy to find. After that I thought a pay-as-you-go phone would be perfect for me. The Hubbs (who always has had a cell and would shrivel up and die without it) said he was not paying for something like that and that I should look into a Blackberry. One day I finally said fine and the salesman sold me on it and now.... that stupid thing...I'm now thinking of a name for her. I got the pink one but it really is not as pink as it looks in the photo.

My Ringtone and Ringback...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I go to my Etsy this morning and find a nuetrual feedback. Not negative but nuertral. I'm a bit irritated by that seeing as how she is complaining of the size. The size is the same size I sell to everyone else who can fit babies in just fine. Whatever. I can't see that she would complain if it DID fit the baby but that is not the problem. The problem is that she left the feedback without even contacting me first to try to fix the problem. THAT is what irritates me. Now..I have the choice to "kiss and make up" with her. That is where we come to an agreement and she then can leave a new feedback. I don't think I even want to do this. I think I'll take my NUETRAL feedback and just move on. I have a feeling that no matter what she's one of those people who just won't be happy. If SHE had more feedback I may do that whole "kiss and make up" thing but she only has a feedback of 2. Not worth it. Vent over.

LOL it seems I only blog when pissed lately. :o)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ok, so my last post was a little postal. I find this person who very blatantly copied my work. Used the same everything including the name of my item. She didn't even have the smarts to change the name. Even the description of her item was word for word what my description said. Even using the little smilies I used!! My knee-jerk reaction was to contact her and then skin her. I did neither. I did scream when first finding it though. That just came out of nowhere and I didn't even know it was coming. So...over the past few days I have calmed down. I've been told to embrace it because copying is a sign of admiration and I should feel flattered. Uh, no. I don't. Either way, I've decided that no matter what, my product is not only the original but it is also made better and WAY cheaper then her knock-off. Aren't knock-off's supposed to be cheaper?? Hmm. Karma will bite her ass so I'm stepping back.

There is nothing I can do about it anyway other then just complain. BUT... reading THIS helped bunches. Sent to me by a fellow Etsian who has also been copied from. A great read and also gives a different spin on having your work copied.

Don't get me wrong. I still want to cut her but I will just go ahead and feel sorry that she is so talentless that she resorts to taking someone elses hard work and even thoughts and claim that as her own.


so sad that my MOD hats are not moving faster then they are. Only 2 have sold and I only have $7 sent to them. I will NEVER reach my goal of $300! I must regroup and think of another item.