Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I found this guy a couple of months ago and I really enjoyed this video. I just remembered about it tonight after he posted a new one. Check it out. He is AWESOME!!!

CaptainlOver's YouTube Channel
With a little prodding from fellow Etsians I have decided to open up a blog for my Etsy shop. This blog is not supposed to be for Etsy and when I send Etsy buyers here it was to read about Etsy and the making of whatever I'm making and not really to read about my life. Some people wouldn't mind it but others just want to cut to the chase and get to the Etsy stuff. Plus I just don't want to clutter up this blog with all the other stuff so I opened another one here. I also moved my Twitter button over there since the Twittering nonsense is strictly for Etsy. Way to much crap going on.

Enough about that...
Gabby's favorite thing in the world (besides me of course) are coffee filters. She attacks them and will just chew on them forever. She's a paper lover but paper gets soggy and once she got a paper cut (I felt HORRIBLE)so that was the end of that but she still wanted her paper. One day, while she was watching me cook, I handed her a coffee filter just to keep her quiet and that's when I realized...PERFECT!...coffee filters will not give her paper cuts and they are meant to hold up when wet so she can suck on them till her hearts content (although I replace them every few minutes just in case).

The Hubbs is in New York again and he got Izabella all worked up last night by telling her that Evan was going to NY with him and sorry she had to miss the mall because she had to go to school. She then came up to me and asked me if it was true and I thought it would be fun to play along so I told her that it was true. BIG MISTAKE! The girl feaked out like I have never seen before. She said she refused to go to school today, she started crying and telling us how horrible we are. OMG! I had no time to react because she went through every emotion within seconds. She ran to her room. Started throwing things and I looked at him and said, "Should we tell her the truth?". We decided to let her have her fit a bit longer. Then we told her the truth that Evan was not going to NY (then Evan got mad even though he knew it was a joke...go figure!) but she didn't care. She was already in a mood. It took her awhile to calm down and get a grip and she loves us again. My God that girl has a temper! I have no clue where she gets that from.

Sometimes Izabella is a little diva. Okay, most of the time but sometimes she's just so innocent and sweet that it kills me. The other night I was sitting on the couch and she came over and sat with me and said, "Mom (she doesn't call me Mommy anymore **cry**) can I ask you a question? When I grow up how will I know how to put gas in my car and how to pay bills? What if I can't find a house to live in?"
OMG! How freakin' sweet! I told her not to worry about it because we will make sure she knows how to do all that stuff and she never has to worry about a place to live because she always has her room to come back to. I think from now on everytime I want to ring her neck for something I will think of that moment. :o)
We never have to worry about Evan either. That boy will never move out. I just have a feeling.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I swear I think I need an Etsy break! I've been on this site non-stop for over a week. When I'm not on the site I'm making something for the site. I really love it but it's just way too addicting. I want to buy everything but since I'm not the "buy everything" type (or buy anything type for that matter. LOL)I just browse from one shop to another as I knit and in between bottles, diapers, dog walking and feeding the kids.

So! My shop is currently being featured (along with some others) on DZFANTASY !!!
Ok, check it out below. I added some detail so you could find me. Is that subtle enough? One arrow just did't do it for me. :o)

My shop is really empty right now (which is a good thing!). I will be spending the next few nights and all weekend (after the kids are sleeping) knitting to replenish what is gone.
Oh! and I sold a banner today. It was a whopping $3.00! Seriously though, do you know how many of these I've done for free. Way too many to count. The banners I sell are paying my Etsy listing bill. :o)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ah! I have my morning cup of the strongest coffee I could make.They reall should sell a coffee maker with a jumbo size coffee grain holder, that way you add a double pot to one pot. I would only have to drink one actual cup but it would be as strong as 2 or 3 cups at once. :o) I'm so bloody clever. I'm the person who sprinkles coffee grains on my ice cream in the summer time because it's too hot for a cup of coffee. No...I'm not that nuts. I've only done it a few times and if you don't put the ice-cream in a blender to make it a coffee flavored ice-cream you just get yuck! And it's funny that I've went YEARS without drinking coffee on a regular basis and then since having Gabriella I'm back to my early 20's crazy coffee drinking self. I didn't even know where my coffee maker was for a long time and then one day I ran into it while cleaning out a cabinet and I thought to myself,
'Oh!You. I will wash you off and maybe buy come coffee.'
And now I'm back to being a coffee nut...or bean rather. For a real caffiene kick try the chocolate covered coffee beans. Sooo good but soooo bad for your butt. If you buy a bag you should really only have one a day, okay two but that's it!

Okay, enough about coffee.
Or O.K.?
What the heck is the difference? I'm going to have to Google that one. Is O.K. just for casual writing? If you want to sound better educated you type "okay"? No, I would think if you are highly educated you would think of something else to say altogether.

Yesterday we had a lot of rain but there was about an hour or two where the clouds went away and the sun was shining. That is when I decided to take my 6 little chickens out of their brooder and put them in a cage (on the ground) out in the yard. I wanted them to pick and scratch and enjoy the day rather then be in that lighted box with the wire floor. So I put all their little chicken butts into a bucket and start putting them one by one into the cage on the ground (I think it's a rabbit cage but I don't know. We have like 20 of them that dh uses to transport his quail). So they are all happy, stretching their wings (yet a bit freaked by the sunlight and open air) and they are chirping away, making all sorts of noise. I reach in the bucket to get the last chicken out and out of nowhere one of our cats come and in one movement he slides his paw into the cage, grabs a chicken, pulls him halfway through the cage and chomps down on the chickens leg! Thank God I was in arms length of that nasty feline because I went into "choke the cat" mode. I didn't really choke the cat but I did hold his neck down on the ground until he gave the chicken up. He lets go of the chicken and stupid me thought he would just walk away so I start trying to push the screaming chick back into the cage the way he came out (he was stuck in the bars good) and out of nowhere the cat comes back! He grabs the chicken again and that's when I decided that there was only one way to take care of this cat...catapult! I send him flying towards the pond and hoping he hits the water so he would be nice and wet and side-tracked with the fact that he was soaked. No, he hit the ground (not hurt for all you PETA'S out there) but he got the message and moved on.
Ok, this is getting long...
I moved all the chickens back in to the brooder, baby chicken nugget is fine. No blood and everything seems to be working alright. I'm not sure what's going to happen once the chickens are out on their own with the darn country cats we have. I may have to send dh and Evan out there with their (PETA'S cover your ears...I mean shut your eyes) with their BB guns.:o/ No! I wouldn't do that. Evan is not allowed to shoot at anything but his target. DH on the other hand.... :o)

That's it for now. My coffee cup is empty and I need to check my Etsy while baby is still sleeping.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

OMG, I just saw the nastiest video in the world. Bleh!
I don't want to talk about it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

There's something really wrong with this picture. Hmmm, I just can't put my finger on what it may be though.

I didn't get to bed again until the wee hours of the morning. I was up finishing my latest creation. It's newborn size. I would do this stuff in the daytime but
1)the kids are awake and I have to do the Mommy thing and
2)the kids are awake and it's hard to crotchet when the kids are running around and the baby needs to be taken care of.
Okay, I'm thinking now that #2 is the same as #1. Either way, you have to count and keep track of what your doing and where you are and I can't do that in the day time.

This beanie is called the 'Ella Beanie'. I named it after my niece. It was meant for her originally until I made it in cotton and realized that it will not stretch. I have to add more and increase it to her head size. I would use yarn for it, which would stretch much more, but my sister has a fear of yarn. It's all very weird. She can't chew it. Why she feels that she may accidently chew on it is beyond me but it's a fear she's had since I can remember and she will not put "yarn" on her kids. Apparently, they also, may chew it. So...while trying to respect her irrationally fear of yarn I did not realize that the cotton would not give much. So the Ella Beanie is going in my Etsy shop and I will have to try again.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I finally finished knitting the two baby bowls that were requested by a private sale. She wanted one in pink and the other in blue. Here is the blue one.

And then I had to try crotcheting this little bag. I made it for Izabella. It's so cute! It only took about 1.5 hours to make. I'm trying to figure out the measurements to make this in a larger backpack size. This one is only a change purse size. I made for her to use to carry her lunch money back and forth to school. She's already using it for jewerly and has put in a special order for her BFF.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ahhh, my evening is over. Thank goodness. A PTO meeting. Let's just say I tried everything to stay awake during that thing. Talk about torture. The room was so hot! You would think they could open a window or turn on the AC but noooo. Let the parents just sit in the room and suffer! On a side note, the school got new playground equipment. I never even noticed. I'll have to make a mental note to check it out.

For the school program tonight all the parents were asked to bring in a dozen cookies. I usually go to the bakery and get nice cookies but Mama wasn't feeling it tonight and with everything I had going on (and that headache!) they are lucky I got cookies at all. So I decide to make a quick stop at a little grocery store on the way. Well, apparently other moms had the same idea because we all walked in at the same time and headed for the bakery. I made it there in 2nd place (I was totally keeping score) and mom #1 looked at the selection then got greedy and walked around to the other side to see what else they had (nothing but pies there Sweety, LOL) so I do a quick scan of the selection and go right in for the cookies with the M&M's in it. They were the best there and I grabbed them just as mom #3 & 4 come around the turn. By then Mom #1 realized she goofed and she should have stayed where she was. I lifted my prize of M&M cookies (for all 3 moms to see) and say, "Hmmm, M&M chocolate chip...I'm sure the kids will like these."

(Bitchy mom smirk and turn).

LMAO!! Anyone who knows moms like mom #1, 3 and 4 know what I'm saying and would have done the same thing. I wasn't in the mood to play their "who's gonna get the best cookies" game. I just went in there and kicked soccer mom butt. Dad's wouldn't get this but moms....you totally do.
So we got to the program and it was great. All about being "GREEN" and saving the planet from ourselves. Evan cried everytime the kids would sing another song..."They are singing ANOTHER sonnnnnng???" I was thinking the same thing but I'm not about to say it. LOL

All in all it was great, glad it's over, can't wait for the next PTO meeting and/or program.
I need a moment to vent.

I am overly tired.
I have to get to the post office to ship out one order.
I am still knitting another order (a double order).
My hands are killing me. It even hurts to type.
I have a chicken tractor still to make and haven't even started on it.
Do I even have the nails that fit the nailing gun? I don't know.
I have a headache.
I still have a program to go to tonight and I don't wanna!
I have to set up and photograph an order that still isn't done by tonight.
My baby is behind me starting to cry because I turned my back on her for a second.
Evan needs a bath and Izabella still has to study her spelling words.
Did I mention I have a headache?
I still have to return Jennifer's call.
Why then am I on here venting??????
It's well after 2am and I need my beauty sleep (for reals!). I just wanted to come on here and say that today I made my first Etsy sell! This is the item I sold.

It's a baby bowl/egg that I knit. They are great for photography props. You stick a sleepy baby in that thing and they are out and then you can pose them how you want them and get some great shots. Mine are really cheap. Only $10.00. Check them out...to the right, to the right.---->
Not bad having my first sale after only being up for less then a week, having no feedback (because I'm new there) AND only having a few items to choose from so far. If I were smart I'd make them as they are ordered. I'm going to have to think about doing that but if I do that then people have to wait on them. The photographer who bought one this morning needs it for a photo shoot this weekend so I'm hoping it gets to her on time.
ALSO, I have 2 private requests for the same item but in different shades. I haven't counted that as a sell yet because I still have to finish them and I haven't gotten paid. :o)

Check out my Etsy...to the right...to the right.------->

And yes that's a doll! Really, you wouldn't believe that someone actually asked me that. Lord help us!
Finally got our chickens today. We only got 6. Five are pullets so...hopefully they stay pullets!!! Been there done that.

Ok...I got nothing else.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Melissa Huckabee

IF this woman is found guilty (which I'm sure she will be) she needs to be hung from a tree. I really hate the fact that we take a piece of shit like this and feed her and give her shelter until she dies. Even if she gets the death penalty...why should tax payers pay for the injection? She should hang by her arms from a tree (hanging by her neck may kill her and that would be too easy). We should then take a nice, hot, metal fire poker and shove it up her....I will use the phrase "sodomize her". I'd hate to run off any readers who may take my words too harsh. She sodomized this little 8yr old girl (the age of my daughter) with a "foreign object". I would make sure she knew exactly what I was shoving up her ass before I did! That is just putrid and it's really hard for me to imagine anyone doing this to a child. This was her daughters best friend. If she can do this to her daughters friend then what has she been doing to her daughter for the last 5 yrs? This woman needs to be tortured on every level and then burned very slowly. I would even put the damn fire out a couple times before she died just to give her more agony.
So after she sodomized her she rapes her, kills her and throws her body in a suitcase. This may or may not have happened in a churh...where the monster was a Sunday school teacher!! Pure Evil. She will surely burn in hell where she originated from.

Wow, I got a big graphic didn't I? Sorry. I can only think of my own daughters when I hear something like this. I don't know how the parents can hold their composure. I would probably be dead shortly after finding something like this out becuase I would go after the woman and the only way I would be stopped is if they killed me. I'd be damned if that woman would have made it to the courthouse without me getting to her.
Okay, maybe she's innocent and then I would have killed an innocent person. I doubt she is though.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Maybe they should just join the tea-baggers? Too funny.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a day.

Moving away from the last 24 hours....

Sunday is not only Easter but it is also Izabella's 8th birthday! Eight going on 25! So being the big meanie that I am I told her that we cannot have a party for her since it was not fair to her brother since it will also be Easter. Gabriella, at this point, could care less. I was waiting for Miss Izabella to fly off the handle but she really surprised me and asked if she could at least get a Barbie for her birthday. LOL "At least", like we would have gotten her NOTHING extra. Lord, that girl is dramatic even when she's not trying to be. So yes, she's getting the Barbie of her choice and I will also be taking her to the mall a few days afterwards so she can go to some boutique she likes. I was going to get her a mani-pedi but she will not keep her nails long enough to do anything with them. She is constantly cutting her nails! Way too short. I'm not spending money on nails that are not there. She's fine with it.

It's well after 1am and I'm not the least bit tired. Ugh! and tomorrow we have to color eggs! I REALLY hate this part of Easter.

Maybe I will wait up until 3am to see if Jennifer calls me. Who knows. Last I heard she was pumping and dumping. LOL

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just when I think life can't get any more annoying.

No, this is one of the guys I watch all the time on YouTube. I'm not sure why because he pisses me off more times then not. It's nice to see other sides of the crazy coin though.