Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Has it really been 3 months???

Yes, apparently it has been 3 months since my last post. Oh well. Life has gotten in the way.
My Etsy is going good. Too good at times really and I struggle with whether I should close it up for awhile. It's more like work now then when I first started. I said to myself that if it ever wasn't fun I would stop. It's getting past the point of stressful for more then one reason. I'm still on the fence with this one so I'll stop with that for now.

The kids are growing way too fast. Gabriella is now toddling around the house and getting into EVERYTHING!
Evan and Izabella are getting perfect grades in school and I am really very thrilled with that. Izabella is to the point where school is like work and there are days she can take it or leave it (more leave it kind of days) but Evan loves it. It's like playtime for him. Kindergarten has a way of seeming like that though. LOL Reality will set in in a year or so. I hope he always enjoys school. :)

I have had so many requests lately for photography work but I have to keep turning people down because of the knitting work. Photography is my first love and it's not all too fun to photograph a hat or a cocoon or worse yet, a doll in a cocoon or wearing a hat. It's kind of like paint by numbers for me at this point. The photography of humans is not steady work though and with DH's schedule that kills any plans of me actually making plans. I can't very well go to a photo shoot and bring my 3 children with me and I never know if he's coming or going so....It makes it hard for anyone to actually have a life I guess. (OH! So bitter! Sorry)

Moving on....

Today was the day I was to put up my Christmas tree but LIFE has gotten in the way so hopefully it can get done by tomorrow. Hopefully. What is so hard about finding the time to put up a freakin tree??????
Ok, I thought blogging may improve my mood. Not working one bit. I better get off now before I continue on and just lose it. :)

Hmmm, it appears I need something stronger then blogging tonight.

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